Video Ad Specs

Super Pre-Roll

Enhance a :15 or :30 video ad with interactivity. A graphic overlay trigger appears on top of a brand’s video ad. Clicking on the trigger pauses the Pre-Roll and expands an interactive panel with more robust content.

Pre-Roll CTA

Marry Pre-Roll with a highly effective, traffic-driving Call-to-Action (CTA).

Pre-Roll Plus

A super effective pre-roll that incorporates a highly engaging call to action (CTA). The dynamic CTA is great for driving increased awareness of the advertiser's goal.


Your branded video plays before high quality, professionally produced content that viewers have chosen to watch on desktop, Connected TV, smartphones, and tablets.

Pre-Roll Extended Play

Distribute your extended content across all screens — and engage viewers everywhere — by leveraging the reach of Tremor Video's inventory.

SelectView Pre-Roll

Tremor Video’s SelectView video ads give consumers the power to opt in to watch or skip an advertiser’s message. The viewer is shown a pre-roll video ad with a trigger that allows them to skip the ad after a five-second countdown.