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GroupM: We DO Get It

May 21, 2014

Author: Bill Day

Yesterday, Rob Norman and Ari Bluman from GroupM threw down the gauntlet on viewability and fraud in this article.

Rob and Ari, we wholeheartedly agree and thank you for voicing this point of view so strongly. We are proud of leading the way on both fronts and doing everything we can in our pursuit of perfection, recognizing, as you say, that "...the cheats always stay half a step ahead of the chasers."  With a unwavering zero-tolerance approach, I truly believe we can tackle these fundamental issues so that brand marketing can flourish in a new digital world.

Ask the right questions. Insist on complete and acceptable answers. Support the companies that deserve your business based on trusted, proven results, and feel confident walking away from those where too many questions remain unanswered. While far from exhaustive, here are the three reasons I believe we are leading the way on behalf of all our customers.

Viewability Reporting

  • Our technology, VideoHub(R) was the first video ad technology to be accredited by the MRC for a video ad viewability metric.

  • While the industry is working to determine a standard definition for a viewable impression in video, we’re providing clients with a recap of how their ads performed for the entire duration of the ad – beyond just whether it was in-view for a few seconds. Even when a standard is determined, it will be a minimum requirement.

  • We will continue to provide every client with full viewability reporting as a part of standard reporting.

Guaranteed Pricing

  • We are the only ones offering pay-per-viewable-performance. Our CPV&C pricing means advertisers only pay when an ad is 100% viewable and 100% completed.

Fraud Safeguards

  • Our approach to digital video – from our higher-order products to the environments within which we will deliver ads – positions Tremor Video as far less susceptible than others to fraud. We recognize that opportunities for fraudulent activity still persist, which is why we use third-party companies with deep expertise in combating fraud to verify, study, and report on our publisher network and our methodologies.

  • Since day one, Tremor Video has been relentlessly committed to providing our clients with the highest quality environments, the most effective placements and complete transparency around what’s working and why.

  • We are better by design and will never stop developing tools to lead the pack. You can find more detail about our evolving 10-step plan by contacting me.

We were the first video advertising company to implement the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Advertising Option icon and accompanying “AdChoices” text for pre-roll, interactive pre-roll and third-party served in-stream ads. Make no mistake — we did this because it's the right thing to do for consumers and we chose to take on the complexity of doing this in-stream for that reason. But, as a side benefit and illustration of how we stand behind our commitment, this also provides complete transparency when our company serves a video ad. We encourage anyone who sees that icon on a questionable site to click on it and discover who is serving the ad. Companies serving targeted video ads without the AdChoices icon should be strongly encouraged to do so immediately to allow all of us to remain diligent and use every tool in our collective arsenals.

Do not let uncertainty remain. Please reach out to me directly at if you want to know more.

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