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Why The AT&T/DirecTV Deal Makes Perfect Sense

May 19, 2014

Author: Bill Day

It’s always big news when two massive, successful companies come together in ways they wouldn’t have considered many years ago.  It reminds me, yet again, of the enormity and pace of change in the media and marketing landscape as technology spurs the re-imagination of everything.

From our vantage point, this move makes perfect sense as it reflects exactly what consumers want: great content delivered instantly and seamlessly to whatever screen they might be holding in their hands when the desire strikes.

AT&T’s chairman and chief executive, Randall Stephenson stated on a conference call on Sunday evening:

“This is very, very unique … [and] fulfills a vision that we’ve had for a couple years . . . to take premium content and deliver it over multiple points for the consumer.”

And as consumers go, so go marketers and their advertising agencies.  We’ve spent almost a decade perfecting the ability of brand advertising to seamlessly and relevantly ride along with premium content across devices.

At Tremor Video, we’re excited by this news and inspired by the vision behind this deal. Content and distribution forces are coming together to better serve an all-screen, on-demand consumer mindset. The more this happens, the faster the advertising business will flourish with creativity and benefit from all the opportunities that technology brings to driving advertising effectiveness to new, measurable heights.

Here’s some recent evidence of clear consumer behavior shifts to an all-screen world. No doubt, AT&T and DirecTV have been tracking these tectonic shifts as well!

A recent research study we conducted found that there are 123 million adults watching video across screens.


As a part of the same study, we looked at time spent per device. Consumers spend more time watching video across all of their other devices combined than they do watching TV.

bigger screen more time

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