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Alligators, Sharks, and Programmatic, Oh My!

June 17, 2014

Author: Tusar Barik

Last week I had the pleasure of attending MediaPost’s RTB Insider Summit in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Beyond the island being larger than I ever imagined, beautiful golf courses, and alligators (yikes!), the content of the conference was excellent.

Overall, the conference provided a great forum to discuss the state of the industry with all the key stakeholders: brands, agencies, technology partners, and publishers. It’s interesting to see so many companies who were once direct competitors now partnering to achieve the ultimate goal: providing the most relevant message to the most relevant customer at the most relevant time in the most relevant forum.

rtb 1 Our VP of Programmatic Greg Smith delivering opening remarks to kick off the conference

Some of my big takeaways included:

  •  Michael Weaver, Director of Data Strategy at Coca-Cola, discussed how they’re using real-time data to dynamically create messages tailored to the individual consumer based on inferred attitudes and beliefs. Interestingly, he noted their advertising budget is slowly shifting from TV spend to mobile and tablet advertising where they can use data, audience segmentation, and creative testing to help with brand advertising.


  • A panel discussion on finding clarity and trust in programmatic featuring iCrossing, Performics, Netmining, Sonobi, Vistar Media, and Fred & Associates discussed how consumers should be the center of the media plan and RTB should be leveraged to find the most relevant consumers. The panel’s conclusion was that data and audience buying is key to programmatic’s success in the industry.




  • The Creative in Programmatic panel featuring MEC, Lufthansa, Spongecell, IMS, DataXu, and Beeby, Clark + Meyler discussed how to leverage the science of programmatic with the art of creative development, focusing on how technology should be a catalyst and not a crutch. The take away: creative teams are “starved for insights” and the technology behind programmatic can give it to them quickly.


  •  During a fireside chat with the newly appointed CIO of Assembly, Catherine Warburton, she discussed how TV sellers know about programmatic but don’t know how to monetize it today. However, those that want to invest more in programmatic, particularly as P&G, will help develop solutions. Additionally, as clients want more targeting for TV, they will continue to have a bias towards what is comfortable for them, notably content and specific day-parts.


  •  A final panel on fraud and viewability with Magnetic, McKinney, comScore, Media Storm, and Adomic there needs to be a separation between Viewability and Fraud as the market is intermixing the two: Charlie Fiordalis of Media Storm noted the market should not make anyone pay for Bot traffic and highlighted the need for 3rd party verification.  comScore’s Steve Dennen discussed closed discussing the increasing need for accreditation from organizations like the MRC (Media Rating Council).

rtb2 Our VP of Product Kelly Petersen kicks off the afternoon on Day 1

As our industry continues to evolve in the programmatic space, there was much to discuss regarding the buy side, the supply side, and the partners supporting both in their connection via “the pipes” that are programmatic.

And hopefully there aren’t any of these in the pipes!



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