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Insights from iMedia Entertainment in LA

June 18, 2014

Author: Sarineh Croft

I recently attended the iMedia Entertainment conference in LA where we discussed a number of topics in the advertising industry. During the "Future of Measuring & Tracking in the Entertainment Industry" discussion, two points were raised that were telling for the entertainment industry as companies continue to find ways to leverage technology to reach consumers.

  • Reaching the engaged fan is key.
  • Make the media work as hard as possible.

These are two areas we are specifically focused on at Tremor Video and through technology, we are making strides to better enable entertainment and other companies to target consumers more effectively and make their ads work more efficiently.

Our newest social affinity product has been key in helping studios and film makers reach the "engaged fan" they are looking for.  By creating custom channels through mutual affinity data, we're able to help studios find new fans, current fans and competitors fans.

Through our patented VideoHub technology, we are making it easier for entertainment and other companies to reach consumers and make their ads work more effectively. For example, our recently-launched all-screen solution allows advertisers to take the guess work out of media buying by letting technology optimize to the screen which is performing the best.

It is critical that our efforts are aligned with the strategies of the entertainment industry as their goals can be achieved through our solution if we work together.  The iMedia Conference demonstrated to me that this can be the case and, as such, everyone benefits, most notably the consumer.



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