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The Answer to Viewability: What They See, Is What You Pay For

June 05, 2014

Author: Lauren Wiener

When it comes to viewability, you should buy exactly what you want and accept nothing less. The ad industry has never shied away from demanding guarantees and holding media partners accountable. Viewability should be no different.

At Tremor Video, we strive to offer a solution that brings this type of guarantee to viewability.  Given the pace of evolution and the range of uncertainties in our evolving industry, it can present a challenge to achieve this goal.

But every day we work to meet this challenge and as a result, Tremor Video has been a pioneer in the cost per engagement model.  We believe we are continuing this role with our solution for viewability.

We call our guarantee CPV&C. You can call it “I will only pay you when my ad is 100% viewable and plays in its entirety.” Cost-Per-100% Viewable & 100% Complete. We launched this performance-based buying model in October 2013 and adoption by categories including telcom, pharma and QSR has been strong. And with many buyers already re-upping, we’re getting the sense that people do like to buy exactly what they want, nothing less.

Of course our technology is at the heart of this. But our default cynicism as a community/industry-- borne of a woeful lack of transparency – leaves many (rightfully) resistant to relying on promises, faith, and a handshake.  The stakes are too high.

As a company built on transparency, explaining and showing how and why our technology works is easy. But we all know third-party validation is critical. Which is why we’re proud to be MRC-accredited for the second year in a row for the technology that powers our CPV&C decisioning and how we measure viewability.

Our metrics are deeply sophisticated but super easy to benefit from. We work tirelessly to eliminate concerns about brand safety through our continued pursuit of premium all-screen inventory and technology that knows what’s in every single piece of video content before an ad is served. We show our partners exactly where their ads ran and exactly how viewable they were. We are proud to lead the way in this area.

Of course we fully embrace the standard for the viewable video impression, and will be ready to transact on that opportunity for total viewability along with others. But from day one, Tremor Video has held itself up to the highest standard possible so that our customers could decide exactly what fits their needs and then confidently look to us to deliver.

We’re happy to do whatever it takes and show clients whatever they want to see to bring much-needed confidence and enthusiastic adoption to CPV&C.  Because we know that when we do, you will buy exactly what you want. Guaranteed.

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