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The Future of Technology and Content is Still TV, Just a Different Kind of TV

June 19, 2014

Author: Noelle Cleary

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at The TV of Tomorrow (TVOT) Summit in San Francisco. TVOT is regarded as the global gathering for executives, technologists and creatives working in the interactive, content and advertising communities.

Over the course of the two day conference it became clear that all-screen technology is the new way forward. We’ve reached a point in time where consumers are “meshing” (using 2 or more screens around the same content at the same time)… and they’re completely comfortable with it. They "shift" and "cast" like it’s the only way they’ve ever watched their favorite shows.

The next phase will be focused on storytelling, specifically the ability to story-tell across platforms. People aren’t just watching content on the TV in the living room anymore and media companies know that. They’re beginning to make significant investments in developing original content not for “original air broadcasting.” And I’m not just talking about Netflix releasing a whole season of Orange is the New Black at once on their own platform. Disney and Viacom (specifically for MTV and CMT) have both released TV content in-app on devices other than the TV before the episodes aired “live.”

OK, that’s not that new. Where it really gets interesting -- especially for brands who want to engage the Gen Ys and Millennials who came out of the womb multitasking --  is when content is created specifically for device-consumption and is additive to the viewing experience. Think about how much more a consumer will engage and spend time with a brand if a show is created from the outset to be experienced differently on unique screens and that brand message follows along, adapting to unique device behaviors.

Interactive TV 1.0 was “push to interact,” but when we put the power of interactivity into the hands of consumers – when we are welcomed into their deeper experiences, this becomes a HUGE opportunity for content creators and brands.

As a consumer, I’m excited about the intersection of content and technology. Isn’t watching what we love on our own time, on the device we choose, and getting more involved when we feel like it the future we all dreamt about when we had to get up to turn the dial to change the channel on the living room TV? The good news is that the future is here. The bad news is that my self-driving electric car with free wi-fi and a curved screen isn’t ready yet.

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