Tremor Video Insights


Breaking through today’s noisy video advertising landscape is difficult. To successfully capture audience attention, brands and marketers need to understand consumer behavior better than ever before.

As a leading premium video marketplace for buyers and sellers, Tremor Video thrives on digging deep into the data around all things video. We utilize our Playback Panel to continually monitor the pulse of the online video audience. Consumer opinions and perspectives provide immediate direction on important digital video decisions that advertisers and marketers are making every day

While Tremor Video provides the software that enables brands to connect with consumers in optimal environments, our dedication to the end user (which is the consumer audience) and their needs is key to helping us help marketers make advertising better, more relevant, and more engaging.

Tremor Video’s research leverages the robust data and analytics available through both its buyer and seller platforms, consumer surveys through its Playback panel, and syndicated research from industry leaders. Culling through all the data so our clients don’t have to, Tremor Video research focuses on delivering actionable, objective-oriented insights that improve the advertising experience for consumers, ad buyers, publishers, and everyone in between.