We are invested in our communities

Volunteering to clean up, pitch in, make life better is part of our makeup

We go the distance

Getting our hands dirty is par for the course

We work toward strategic outcomes

Coming together to brainstorm, collaborate, and act

We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time, and there’s no stopping us now. Our success is wholly the credit of our amazing people. We’re from all walks of life, places around the globe, and diverse backgrounds. We share an infectious enthusiasm and vocal passion for making advertising better for everyone. We take our role in changing the world every day very seriously, whether that’s product innovation, partner collaboration, relationship building, charitable activities, or unprompted acts of kindness toward each other.
Our “welcome” emails tell the best story of a day in the life of a Tremor Video colleague. Managers put great time and effort into capturing what’s special, weird, and awesome about our new collaborator. Introductions are sent “All-Global” and new people are overwhelmed by the outpouring of well wishes (and sometimes razzing) from every office.
Yes, our professional credentials make other companies foam but it’s everything else we bring to the table that makes Tremor Video the best place to work, grow, and form new and lasting friendships. There are no “corner offices.” We work together so we sit together in an open space. Transparency is not a buzzword around here. It’s a core value. Another thing we value is our time away from work to exercise other passions, feed our imaginations, and just be radical.
We’re encouraged to take time off and all of us do. We offer discretionary time-off (unlimited vacation!) as well as 5 and 10-year Sabbatical programs.
Full medical, dental, and vision benefits are provided, in addition to gym membership discounts, health and wellness fairs, Tough Mudder challenges, ping-pong tournaments, and the like.
Whether on-site or off, we gather together to unwind, high five, and chill out on a regular basis.
Each month colleagues team up to teach one another about a special project, provide insight into their department, or share knowledge on a timely topic.
Our kitchens are stocked with healthy options, weekly fruit baskets, and other fuel for our minds and bodies.
Tremor Video takes to the field and (sometimes) crushes the competition. Truly the best part about our team is the hilarious email recaps sent by our Director of Research.