The Televisionary

We believe television is video.

And, video is television

Both deliver the magic of sight, sound & motion to create engaging experiences for consumers at scale. Online video is
tv's powerful companion,
with the interactivity and metrics to back up the magic. Sizzle meets science. This is the Holy Grail that brand marketers have long searched for.
We believe people love video and want to
experience it everywhere.
on television. online. via mobile. tablets too.
It's how "brand love" happens. Knowing the what, where, when, and why of deeper engagement is how we unlock it.
we believe video's time is now.
we unabashedly love video.   it's all we do.
Our technology is built for brands. Our mission is to bring the certainty of of science to the art of brand marketing. Evidence shows video advertising drives consideration, perception, and intent everyday, at the scale marketers need to move their businesses. Because it can and does.
We believe marketers deserve total transparency into their video campaign performance.
no overpromising.  no mysterious black boxes.  no fine print.
We believe in making marketing more accountable. We can prove it.
it's televisionary. join us.

Tremor Video

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