#ThisWayUp is our rallying cry for the industry to collaborate and explore solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.
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Let’s elevate the conversation around ad tech in 2017, seize the high ground, and have some fun doing what we do best.


Truth #3:

Let’s keep it clean and be proud of what we do.

We want what you want: a pristine, above-board, high-functioning video ad marketplace where environment, impact, and innovation are valued more than basic efficiency. Do this, and we can all win.

Truth #2:

Knowledge is power, but knowledge with real-time analytics is the thunder mustard every video ad needs to win big.

Our platforms have been ingesting and processing hundreds of terabytes of information around what it actually takes to achieve what our tech is so good at: extracting maximum value for publishers (yield/revenue) and delivering on advertiser goals (brand effectiveness). And this intel fuels our product roadmap, our industry research, and the actionable insights we share with our customers so they, too, can be heroes.

Truth #1:

Making sure the right ad is everywhere it needs to be takes real smarts, but getting the ad to do everything it needs to do to win takes mad complex science.

For over 10 years, we’ve been practicing our own brand of mad science (mad, in a good way!). Our pan-continental corps of engineers has figured out how to deliver sight, sound and motion advertising across every device and screen, and we’ve made it easy and fun in the real world (thanks to our super-friendly UX).

Simplifying what’s complex is easy. Making it cool and fun is awesome.

This is a moment of truth for the video ad industry and Tremor Video. Actually, three moments of truth that make this time pretty exciting for everybody:

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