Our mission is to bring the certainty of science to the art of brand marketing. We make video advertising work best across all screens — for brands, publishers, and consumers.

  • Minds changed every year with our conquesting tech
    Minds changed every year with our conquesting tech
  • # of data points our tech analyzes daily
    # of data points our tech analyses daily
  • Peak moment for 2nd-screen ad calls
    Peak moment for 2nd-screen ad calls


Transforming the video advertising experience across all screens

  • All-Screen Video

    Tremor Video is the first and only video technology company to price, target, optimise, and report on video campaigns across all devices with a single placement.

  • Brand-Performance Technology

    Built to understand brand performance, our VideoHub® technology enables clients to effectively buy measurable brand results rather than just impressions or clicks.

  • Programmatic for Brands

    We’ve developed the only easy, scalable, and transparent solution for TV advertising to cascade across screens with measurable impact on brand health metrics.


Proven brand elevation through all-screen technology

  • Enterprise Platform

    Enterprise Platform

    From programmatic buying and selling to ad serving and analytics, VideoHub® is the full brand-performance technology solution.

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  • Media Solutions

    Media Solutions

    Exclusive publishers, guaranteed performance pricing, and all-screen optimisation — powered by VideoHub technology.

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Designed to drive brand lift, consideration, perception, and intent at scale, on every screen


Unmatched measurement and reporting to Increase video’s accountability

  • Optimize & measure viewability

    Optimize & measure viewability

    Conquer viewability with smart technology built for programmatic video’s unique demands. Dynamically optimize your programmatic video investment to strong viewability environments via impression or completion.

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  • Buy guaranteed viewability

    Buy guaranteed viewability

    CPVI and CPV&C pricing models offer advertisers two ways to buy risk-free viewability on Media Solutions campaigns: by impression or completion. Viewability reporting included on every campaign.

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  • POViewability


    As the viewability debate continues, it’s important to ask your video technology partner the right questions.

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Every interactive ad we build is a case study in brand performance.

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