Reach Engaged Audiences in Premium Environments with the Power of Audio

With our new programmatic audio solution you can connect with tuned-in consumers as a complement to your video and CTV campaigns.

Activate Programmatic Audio as a complement to your video and CTV campaigns.

Key benefits include: 

  • Extend Reach & Frequency: Pair programmatic audio with video to boost reach and frequency for campaigns
  • Unify Campaign Management: Reach audio listeners at scale in premium publisher environments by buying, managing and measuring audio campaigns from a centralized platform, allowing for a holistic view of how audio fits into cross-channel campaigns
  • Access Premium Audio Content: Deliver brand messages to engaged listeners within premium music and podcast environments
  • Leverage Audience Extension: Activate advanced audio targeting to reach customers whenever and wherever they are listening, by leveraging data such as feed type, geography, behavioral, demographics, operating system, device type, contextual, browser, daypart and even TV viewership via Tremor Video’s TV Intelligence solution
  • Optimize with Audio Reporting & Analytics: Track the effectiveness and holistic performance across channels with added visibility into audio-specific metrics like audio impressions, listens and audio quartiles to gauge how long customers are listening to an audio ad

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Listen Up!

  • On average, 58% of the U.S. population now listens to digital audio on a weekly basis from their smartphones, desktop computers, smart speakers or even in their cars, with 219 million people listening to digital audio services at least once per month.* 
  • By 2022, programmatic audio spend in the U.S. is expected to increase by 23% to $1.3 billion** 



*eMarketer US Digital Audio Listeners and Penetration, August 2021

**eMarketer, US Programmatic Digital Audio Services Ad Spending, 2019-2023


Did you hear that?


“We’re excited to work with Tremor Video to further diversify programmatic demand for our publishers and help advertisers expand their reach through audio. We have built the largest marketplace for premium audio, and through this integration, we are connecting more advertisers to that inventory and helping to fulfill the rapidly growing demand for this booming medium.”

Anne Frisbie, SVP of Global Supply & Partnerships, AdsWizz

A Customized Approach for You

Tremor’s Programmatic Audio solution can be activated in a flexible fashion, either managed by our team of experts or via our easy-to-use self-service DSP , depending on your needs and preferences.