IAB NewFronts 2020

June 22, 2020 — June 26, 2020 | Virtual

Moderator: Devin Fallon, VP, Media Insights & Analytics, Tremor Video

The 2020 NewFronts, a five-day virtual event that provides digital content from the biggest names in media and entertainment, in addition to fresh insights about what new behaviors the industry is seeing, and how to embrace those changes.

Tremor Video delivered the below presentation on Thursday, June 25 at 1:10pm EDT.

Reaching the Real ‘Modern Family’ Has Never Been Easier

With a majority of human experiences shifting to the digital realm and TV viewers no longer relying on cable, it’s imperative now more than ever for brands to reach consumers through video on Connected TV (CTV) and second-screen devices. CTV offers a fully viewable, non-skippable, premium video-viewing environment that allows brands and marketers to reach unique audiences through the landscape of television. 

Additionally, CTV is rapidly replacing traditional cable as 75% of US households now own at least one CTV device and over 55% of the US population are CTV users (eMarketer). 

Brands can complement linear TV viewers by retargeting them with one-to-one messaging in real-time across all screens and platforms. Using this TV retargeting solution, powered by ACR data, brands can expand household addressability and feature customized creative, all while accessing full-funnel measurement solutions. And at a time when consumers are confined to their homes and glued to all of their devices, this is a revolutionary way for your brand to win their attention.