MediaPost TV and Video Insider Summit

March 9, 2020 — March 12, 2020 | Austin, TX | Sponsor

Tremor Video will be sponsoring and attending the annual spring edition of MediaPost’s TV & Video Insider Summit which will navigate these unchartered streams by venturing into…

  • How brands and advertisers are planning cross-platform campaigns without the benefit of a unified measurement system.
  • Why brands must look at as many insights as possible from an abundance of consumer touchpoints in order to off-set the current data-challenged landscape.
  • How the ad-supported market is shaking out versus non-subscription, and are we running out of inventory?
  • How advertisers are strategically diversifying their media strategy for optimal budget efficiency and consumer experience.
  • How advertisers are implementing more innovative ways to reach consumers in a fragmented and over saturated marketplace.

At MediaPost’s spring gathering of TV and video gurus we will hear from the people who are planning, buying and navigating today’s constantly changing environment.