ThinkLA Entertainment Brunch

April 7, 2022 | Los Angeles, CA | Sponsor

Tremor Video is sponsoring the ThinkLA’s upcoming Entertainment Brunch.

While COVID-19 has presented several challenges and limitations over the past two years, it has also proven to be an extreme accelerator of opportunities driven by new business models and new ways for brands to reach consumers directly. In no other industry has this been truer than in Entertainment, which has been leading the charge by thinking outside the box. As we adapt to live more normally with COVID-19, we as Entertainment marketers and creators can now merge everything we’ve learned in the past two years with everything we knew to elicit success over the past few decades.

Entertainment Live: A Better Normal is about an Entertainment Industry that has the potential to not only come back live but also to lay an even stronger foundation for the future. The ThinkLA Entertainment Brunch will focus on: the great content race and how much premium content is needed to remain relevant and sustainable moving forward; podcasting becoming mainstream and what role it will play in entertainment; Web 3.0 and social video placing creators front and center; the evolution of branded entertainment and how its transforming traditional marketing; plus talent impact and how the future of working influences the entertainment industry.