Tremor Video Brings Native Ads to LG Smart TVs

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2019 — Tremor Video is bringing its leading video advertising platform to the award-winning webOS smart TVs from LG Electronics, the companies announced today. Tremor Video provides entertainment advertisers and apps with highly visible placements that are native to the smart TV experience across millions of connected TV devices – helping them to stand out with content discoverability in the battle for share of consumer viewing time.

The ad units will run in a highly visible position on the LG smart TV’s home screen – helping to drive viewers to an app or drive tune-in campaigns for specific shows and movies. These top-of-mind promotional placements can support the overall subscriber growth to streaming services and apps supported on LG smart TVs.

“Tremor Video stays on the cutting edge of advanced TV solutions – always moving forward to offer the latest in unique ad inventory,” said Jay Baum, Tremor Video’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Partnering with LG provides advertisers with a turnkey, cost-effective way to entice viewers with their brand messages before they enter another streaming service.”

Matthew Durgin, Head of Content Innovation, LG Electronics USA, said LG’s exclusive collaboration with Tremor Video “helps advertisers make their brand messages stand out in a crowded landscape,” adding, “This exemplifies how LG smart TVs provide added value to advertisers and viewers alike.”

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Tremor Video Transforms Digital Advertising Decisioning With AI Enhancements to Its DSP

NEW YORK — September 5, 2019 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced it has expanded its demand-side platform’s (DSP) advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology. The move positions Tremor Video at the forefront of the industry — revolutionizing the concept of data-driven marketing with a platform that is capable of adjusting for user behavior based on real-time changes in the market. 

“Tremor Video understands that no two campaigns are alike, and each deserves its own neural network to act on its behalf in real-time, consistently ensuring the best price per performance, and providing advertisers with the most effective platform in the market,” said Tal Mor, CTO at Tremor Video. “Our team of engineers and data scientists have worked vigorously to create a self-learning system that personalizes campaign buying behavior in order to pinpoint the most suitable audience out of billions of potential impressions.”

The DSP evaluates high-value opportunities for brands and agencies to improve their cross-platform video and connected TV (CTV) campaign performance—both delivering a better user experience than ever before and ensuring greater efficiency. The engine includes:

  • AI powered, machine-learning predictions based on fully automated buying algorithms
  • Micro, auto-created bidding engines, which detect and adapt to changes in supply, including the prediction of price, performance and audience availability, all in real-time and at scale
  • Optimized media buys that deliver lower cost, improved targeting and greater KPIs 

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Tremor Video Expands Its Advanced TV Solutions

NEW YORK — July 10, 2019 — Tremor Video , the leading programmatic video platform, today announced that it has combined its capabilities with YuMe by RhythmOne, a leader in Advanced TV solutions. The new integrated company provides advertisers with even more impactful brand storytelling on one of today’s most popular digital platforms. This combined offering now provides brands and agencies with the most cutting-edge Connected TV (CTV) advertising solutions, including directly sourced inventory relationships across apps and smart TVs, as well as access to exclusive supply sources that reach all platforms.

‘We made a strategic move to combine our current video offerings and expertise with YuMe’s in order to help brands increase the value of CTV as a key part of their media mix,’ said Anthony Flaccavento, Chief Revenue Officer at Tremor Video. ‘Advertisers can expect more scale in the CTV space, as well as category-specific audience targeting with enhanced creative.’

CTV advertising is a lucrative market that is continuing to grow year-over-year. Research shows that in 2019 US advertisers will spend $3.8 billion on OTT increasing to $5 billion by 2020. With its expansion, Tremor Video now offers advertisers a comprehensive suite of CTV capabilities, including seamless activation across all platforms, fraud protection built for over-the-top (OTT), expanded household addressability, custom and advanced creative and full-funnel measurement solutions. 

Through the company’s audience measurement and attribution study suite, advertisers can also evaluate the effectiveness of their CTV spend and return on investment in order to help optimize effectively. Tremor Video’s in-house Creative Studio also offers advanced creative placements, including Interactive In-Stream, Standard In-Stream, Smart TV Impression Units, and more. These capabilities are designed to help advertisers break through all of the clutter in the market to engage with their target customers with better precision.

The company’s partnerships with Pixalate and DoubleVerify help assure advertisers that their ads are served in safe environments across all CTV supply both pre- and post bid. Advertisers can also work with Tremor Video to access exclusive Alphonso TV data via automated content recognition (ACR) technology in order to deliver their videos across all screens in real-time. This allows brands to reach linear TV audiences on second-screen devices, as well as CTV.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tremor Video’s expanded capabilities, please click here.

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Taptica International Rebrand Reflects Video Advertising Leadership

June 27, 2019 — Tremor International Ltd (AIM: TRMR), a global leader in advertising technologies, today announced that it has rebranded, changing its name from Taptica International to Tremor International, positioning itself as one of the leading independent video advertising companies in the U.S. Tremor International will function as the parent company for three separate divisions: recently acquired Tremor Video (branded video advertising) and RhythmOne (media), as well as Taptica (performance advertising).

‘The new branding and structure better reflect our stronghold in the video advertising space,’ said Ofer Druker, CEO of Tremor International. ‘It also reinforces our ability to address the significant opportunity in Advanced TV, bringing increased scale, audience targeting and ad formats to clients.’

Tremor International, which saw a 31 percent YOY increase in revenue in 2018 to $276.9 million, has a strong history of significant and repeated YOY growth that goes against the grain of the typical digital advertising company. Its growth strategy centers on anticipating market shifts—Tremor International has nimbly moved from desktop to mobile, then from mobile to video and has now expanded its Advanced TV product suite.

With an increased focus on providing connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) video solutions driven by expanded audience data and supply to advertisers across the entertainment, automotive and retail categories, among others, the company has strengthened its footprint in the West (Los Angeles, Denver), Midwest (Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis) and South (Atlanta, Dallas) regions, as well as in Canada (Toronto). On the global stage, the company has plans to fortify its offerings in Europe in due course. Expansion in Asia-Pacific will follow in H2 2019. 

About Tremor International

Tremor International Ltd is a global leader in advertising technologies, operating in more than 70 countries. It has three core divisions: Tremor Video (brand advertising),  RhythmOne (media) and Taptica (performance advertising).

Tremor Video helps advertisers deliver impactful brand stories across all screens through the power of creative video intelligence—innovative video technology combined with advanced audience data and captivating creative. Tremor Video is one of the largest and most innovative video advertising companies in North America, with offerings in CTV, influencer marketing, and private marketplaces.

RhythmOne drives real business outcomes in multiscreen advertising. Its highly-ranked programmatic platform efficiently and effectively delivers performance, quality, and actionable data to demand and supply-focused clients and partners—and its influencer marketing offering fosters action and awareness by connecting brands with influencers who create and distribute branded content to engaged consumers.

The Taptica performance business is an end-to-end mobile technology advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today. Its proprietary technology leverages big data to target quality media at scale. It works with more than 600 advertisers including Amazon, Alibaba, Bytedance, Netmarble, Stubhub and OpenTable.

Tremor International Ltd is headquartered in Israel and maintains offices throughout the US and Canada, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, and Latin America, and is traded on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: TRMR).

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Tremor Video Expands Premium Supply Formats with Outstream and Digital Out-of-Home Video

NEW YORK — May 23, 2019 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced the expansion of the company’s premium supply formats with outstream and digital out-of-home (DOOH) video. The new offerings were developed in order to meet the increased demand from video advertisers looking to grow their reach in highly engaging environments.

“The less-intrusive nature of these ads, along with their expanded reach and contextual relevance, makes them far more valuable for brands and advertisers,” said Jay Baum, Head of Global Partnerships, Tremor Video DSP. “Having your video viewed in premium environments enables further engagement with consumers who are more likely to be receptive to your brand.”

Research indicates that people view outstream video ads for 25 percent longer than instream.

The offering allows brands and advertisers to place their video ads within premium editorial content across a variety of publisher sites and platforms. There are three main outstream inventory types—in-article, in-feed and slider—which can now be leveraged by Tremor Video DSP clients to better engage consumers and can be optimized based on a campaign’s desired KPIs.

One of the first DOOH platforms to launch for Tremor clients, GSTV is a data-driven, national video network delivering targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel retailers. The company allows advertisers to engage with 100% verified viewers, in a brand safe environment. Tremor and GSTV both leverage Dstillery audience data so clients can optimize impressions delivery towards the right consumers. GSTV viewers spend 1.7x more in the immediate hours following engagement, with even higher spend in key channels like QSR, Big Box retail and more.

‘Advanced targeting and standard ad tracking have become increasingly critical for brands and advertisers who want to reach on-the-go, spending consumers,’ said David Kovall, VP of Digital Partnerships, GSTV. ‘We are excited to be able to provide Tremor Video DSP clients access to our premium video supply, and allow them to deliver engaging and relevant messages to consumers at the right moment.’

Tremor Video DSP continues to provide video advertisers with further scale and reach in premium environments through strategic partnerships with innovative supply companies.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Tremor Video DSP’s new supply formats.

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Tremor Video Launches Creative Studio to Complement Advanced Video Solutions

NEW YORK, May 2, 2019 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced the official launch of its Creative Studio, a dedicated team of industry experts whose focus is on innovating video solutions for brands in an increasingly complex ecosystem. Tremor Video DSP’s creative team has been growing steadily as the company invests heavily in technology, data and creative, relying on the combination of all three to deliver industry-leading video solutions. The company’s increased focus on its creative offerings enables advertisers to make a strong impact on their customers with customized video tailored to their interests or habits, which 71 percent of consumers prefer, according to a recent study.

Video generates much more than brand awareness, and in partnership with the Creative Studio, advertisers can drive consumers toward consideration, conversion and brand loyalty with next-level video formats and features. These additional branding and interactive elements such as end cards, shoppable video, 360-degree video, and others, are designed to resonate with specific audiences and heighten the customer experience.

‘We are here to support brands and agencies at any stage, including pre- and post-production; everything from sharing best practices at the onset to customizing existing video assets that message in the right manner to highly nuanced audiences,’ said Les Seifer, Senior Director and Head of Creative, Tremor Video DSP. ‘Our team can also produce original video assets for clients.’

With the emergence of data-driven video as an essential part of advertisers’ toolkit, the Creative Studio offers unparalleled innovation, production and consultation services to meet clients’ demands. Additionally, the Creative Studio is highly efficient—having created CMS tools to streamline operations—making timelines very short to execution.

The launch of the Creative Studio will be an even stronger area of focus for the company in the future, as it extends its footprint in programmatic video and connected TV (CTV) with the recent addition of RhythmOne, which includes the historical YuMe offering.

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Tremor Video Introduces Private Marketplace Packages to Provide Video Advertisers with Premium Supply

NEW YORK, April 25, 2019 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced it has combined its video advertising capabilities with RhythmOne to offer advertisers premium supply inventory through owned, controlled and extended private marketplace (PMP) packages—called Tremor Video PMPs, powered by RhythmOne. The news marks the first combined product offering following RhythmOne’s recent acquisition by Taptica, Tremor Video DSP’s parent company.

For marketers looking to share their stories with unique, highly relevant and qualified audiences, the Tremor Video PMPs help provide high-quality video supply through invitation-only, auction-based marketplaces owned and operated by RhythmOne. RhythmOne’s inventory of controlled supply is growing daily and currently includes first-look access to over 10,000 premium properties. Additionally, the PMPs are assured to be scalable, precise, and high quality through the company’s proprietary brand safety technology, RhythmGuard.

‘In combining our assets and expertise with that of RhythmOne’s, one of our first initiatives was to utilize their private marketplace offerings in order to help provide our clients with expanded premium supply for their video campaigns,’ said Ofer Druker, CEO, Taptica International. ‘This offering should allow advertisers to see even greater video completion rates and higher engagement, as their videos are served in some of the most highly sought-after environments in the digital space.’

The new offering will include four different types of PMPs: 

  • Contextual — Increase the relevance of advertisers’ messaging through content targeting. Pre-packaged segments include: Moms, family and parenting, gaming, sports, entertainment, automotive and travel;
  • Demographic — Ensure advertisers engage target audiences effectively based on age and gender;
  • Performance — Reach consumers across desktop, mobile and connected TV (CTV) while helping to drive success across video completion rate (VCR), click-through rate (CTR), viewability, and invalid traffic (ITV) benchmarks; and
  • Advanced TV — Captivate key audiences within high-quality and highly viewable content across CTV and full episode player.

Tremor Video DSP’s expansion into private marketplaces reflects its commitment to help provide advertisers with optimal environments and solutions for serving video ads. The Tremor Video PMP offering is the first of many new solutions expected to be released as the company combines its resources with RhythmOne in order to meet its clients’ needs.

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Tremor Video Expands Its Connected TV Solutions to Meet Growing Advertiser Demand

NEW YORK, March 5, 2019 –Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced the expansion of its suite of connected TV (CTV) capabilities that features its exclusive data partnerships. Tremor Video DSP has a longstanding commitment to providing innovative video solutions by choosing the most valuable, data enriched partners with unique audience reach, and this offering now allows brand advertisers the full potential of targeting those addressable audiences on connected devices. 

Through its platform, marketers are able to engage CTV audiences with a granularity that was previously only offered on desktop or mobile. Tremor Video DSP’s comprehensive suite of CTV solutions includes seamless activation, holistic audience targeting, custom and advanced creative, as well as audience measurement and attribution. 

‘Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of CTV—it allows them to engage massive audiences with creative, cinematic storytelling while leveraging the targeting abilities of digital,’ said Tremor Video DSP’s CEO Ofer Druker. ‘We are dedicated to helping marketers tell their stories as effectively as possible, and will continue to grow our partnerships to deliver on this promise.’

CTV is rapidly replacing traditional cable as nearly 72 percent of U.S. households now own at least one CTV device, which is an estimated 182.6 million users. It has become the centerpiece of the modern living room as it offers a fully viewable, non-skippable, premium video viewing environment that yields higher engagement and ad completion rates.

Tremor Video DSP’s CTV suite of solutions allows brands to reach more than 34 million viewing households on any device or platform on a one-to-one level through its exclusive partnership with Alphonso. Additionally, through its partnership with Dstillery, brands can layer their own data with a custom audience-building algorithm to discover new customers and extend their reach. Tremor Video DSP also gives brands and agencies access to its in-house creative studio, which can create the most relevant messaging that is customized based on their unique audiences.

Tremor Video DSP is expanding its CTV offerings as Taptica, its parent company, recently announced its acquisition of RhythmOne. Once the deal closes in early April, the combination of Tremor Video DSP and RhythmOne will create one of the largest video advertising companies in the industry with even greater access and reach into the CTV market due to the historical YuMe by RhythmOne offering.

Learn more about Tremor Video’s CTV solutions here

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Tremor Video Expands TV Retargeting Solutions Through Renewed Exclusive Partnership with Alphonso

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2018 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced the expansion of its TV retargeting solutions through a renewed partnership with Alphonso, the leading TV data company with the industry’s largest TV viewership footprint. Brands working with Tremor Video DSP will continue to benefit from this exclusive partnership. The partnership also includes the first TV retargeting solution utilizing deterministic TV viewership data to launch in Canada. 

‘Tremor Video DSP retains a solid leadership position in TV retargeting through its commitment to exceptional ad solutions,’ said Tremor Video DSP Executive Chairman Ofer Druker. ‘Our three-year partnership with Alphonso allows brands and their agencies to leverage creative video intelligence in a groundbreaking way to help improve their media strategies and achieve their KPIs.’

After scaling across 6,000 campaigns with over 300 brands, Tremor Video DSP has worked with Alphonso to create a large market for TV retargeting that enables advertisers to creatively connect with highly scalable and curated audiences, while providing transparency and safe controls with respect to share-of-voice and exclusivity. Brands can reach more than 34 million viewing households on any device or platform on a one-to-one level—an advantage rarely available in today’s market.

The privacy-compliant solutions for advertisers include the abilities to:

  • Reach core gamer audiences with video by leveraging Alphonso’s ACR to create first-party data based on specific game titles
  • Ensure videos are served in brand-safe environments through comprehensive pre-bid fraud filters
  • Access to Alphonso’s 150 exclusive TV viewership segments
  • Leverage Tremor Video DSP’s Creative Studio to customize video messaging throughout the campaign

In Canada, advertisers will be able to reach audiences watching the most popular English and French TV networks, premium OTT non-ad supported content, and major tentpole events like the Super Bowl, Oscars and CCMAs, among others for the first time. Canadian advertisers will also have the ability to retarget their own TV spots, as well as their competitors’ ads.

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Tremor Video Names Edward Shannon Head of Client Success to Solidify Its Commitment to Superior Client Service

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2018 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced it has appointed Edward Shannon as its head of client success. Shannon will be responsible for expanding and leading Tremor Video DSP’s client success teams across the country.

As a customer-centric organization, Tremor Video DSP is dedicated to ensuring that the brands and agencies it works with take full advantage of its video expertise, experience and support. The expansion and realignment of account management and campaign operations in major markets like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well emerging markets including Columbus, Denver and Portland, among others, doubles down on Tremor Video DSP’s commitment to deepen its customer relationships. Clients will benefit from increasingly personalized, solutions-oriented expertise that helps them fulfill their business goals.

‘We’ve seen rapid expansion of our business this year, as leading marketers look to improve their video advertising efforts across the convergence of smartphones, tablets, desktop and advanced TV,’ said Anthony Flaccavento, Chief Revenue Officer, Tremor Video DSP. ‘Brands and agencies are looking to us to drive efficiency across all screens. Edward’s proven leadership is a perfect fit to lead our client success teams as we expand with this goal in mind.’

Prior to Tremor Video DSP, Shannon served as CRO for YellowHammer Media Group where he successfully developed new lines of business by focusing on clients’ needs across the digital landscape. With 20 years of sales strategy, business development and operations experience, Shannon has built teams that focus on adding value to clients through business insights, the understanding of data analytics, omni-channel marketing, and more.

‘With a high premium being placed on automation, Tremor Video DSP’s customers will find tremendous value in the superior service and deep product knowledge that our team provides,’ said Shannon. ‘I am excited to expand the team to support Tremor Video DSP’s growth as the leading programmatic video platform in the industry’

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