Tremor Video Expands Premium Supply Formats with Outstream and Digital Out-of-Home Video

NEW YORK — May 23, 2019 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced the expansion of the company’s premium supply formats with outstream and digital out-of-home (DOOH) video. The new offerings were developed in order to meet the increased demand from video advertisers looking to grow their reach in highly engaging environments.

“The less-intrusive nature of these ads, along with their expanded reach and contextual relevance, makes them far more valuable for brands and advertisers,” said Jay Baum, Head of Global Partnerships, Tremor Video. “Having your video viewed in premium environments enables further engagement with consumers who are more likely to be receptive to your brand.”

Research indicates that people view outstream video ads for 25 percent longer than instream.

The offering allows brands and advertisers to place their video ads within premium editorial content across a variety of publisher sites and platforms. There are three main outstream inventory types—in-article, in-feed and slider—which can now be leveraged by Tremor Video clients to better engage consumers and can be optimized based on a campaign’s desired KPIs.

One of the first DOOH platforms to launch for Tremor clients, GSTV is a data-driven, national video network delivering targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel retailers. The company allows advertisers to engage with 100% verified viewers, in a brand safe environment. Tremor and GSTV both leverage Dstillery audience data so clients can optimize impressions delivery towards the right consumers. GSTV viewers spend 1.7x more in the immediate hours following engagement, with even higher spend in key channels like QSR, Big Box retail and more.

‘Advanced targeting and standard ad tracking have become increasingly critical for brands and advertisers who want to reach on-the-go, spending consumers,’ said David Kovall, VP of Digital Partnerships, GSTV. ‘We are excited to be able to provide Tremor Video clients access to our premium video supply, and allow them to deliver engaging and relevant messages to consumers at the right moment.’

Tremor Video DSP continues to provide video advertisers with further scale and reach in premium environments through strategic partnerships with innovative supply companies.

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