Tremor Video Expands TV Retargeting Solutions

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2018 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced the expansion of its TV retargeting solutions through a renewed partnership with Alphonso, the leading TV data company with the industry’s largest TV viewership footprint. Brands working with Tremor Video DSP will continue to benefit from this exclusive partnership. The partnership also includes the first TV retargeting solution utilizing deterministic TV viewership data to launch in Canada. 

‘Tremor Video DSP retains a solid leadership position in TV retargeting through its commitment to exceptional ad solutions,’ said Tremor Video DSP Executive Chairman Ofer Druker. ‘Our three-year partnership with Alphonso allows brands and their agencies to leverage creative video intelligence in a groundbreaking way to help improve their media strategies and achieve their KPIs.’

After scaling across 6,000 campaigns with over 300 brands, Tremor Video DSP has worked with Alphonso to create a large market for TV retargeting that enables advertisers to creatively connect with highly scalable and curated audiences, while providing transparency and safe controls with respect to share-of-voice and exclusivity. Brands can reach more than 34 million viewing households on any device or platform on a one-to-one level—an advantage rarely available in today’s market.

The privacy-compliant solutions for advertisers include the abilities to:

  • Reach core gamer audiences with video by leveraging Alphonso’s ACR to create first-party data based on specific game titles
  • Ensure videos are served in brand-safe environments through comprehensive pre-bid fraud filters
  • Access to Alphonso’s 150 exclusive TV viewership segments
  • Leverage Tremor Video DSP’s Creative Studio to customize video messaging throughout the campaign

In Canada, advertisers will be able to reach audiences watching the most popular English and French TV networks, premium OTT non-ad supported content, and major tentpole events like the Super Bowl, Oscars and CCMAs, among others for the first time. Canadian advertisers will also have the ability to retarget their own TV spots, as well as their competitors’ ads.

For more information, please contact Brook Terran at Blast PR.

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