Tremor Video’s Self-Service DSP Leads With Substantial Growth of 650% in Ad Spend YOY

In Contrast to Industry Slow-Down, Advertisers Increasingly Leveraging Tremor Video’s Technology to Execute Campaigns With Efficiency and Flexibility

NEW YORK, NY — November 17, 2020 — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video platform, today announced that the number of clients using its self-service DSP has more than doubled and self-service ad spend has increased by 650% since Q3 2019. Following Tremor Video’s investment in platform enhancements, increasing advertiser demand has reinforced the company’s DSP as an efficient, flexible and streamlined platform to execute ads across all screens and devices. New enhancements include quick and bulk editing tools and programmatic guarantees, which enable direct 1:1 deals with publishers.

Overall, digital ad spend has slowed down (forecasted to increase 1.7% in 2020), which makes this growth exceptionally significant with revenue generated by Tremor Video’s self-service DSP forecasted to increase by 557% in Q3 2020. In addition to increased advertiser engagement with Tremor Video’s connected TV (CTV) and automatic content recognition (ACR) offerings, the integration of sister brand Unruly is one of the main drivers of growth — combining the supply footprints, which includes over 3,000 direct premium publisher partnerships. 

As advertisers continue to invest in video across all screens, Tremor Video’s self-service DSP delivers end-to-end benefits by providing tools for easy activation and quick changes, bidding logic that delivers key performance outcomes, access to differentiated audience data and exclusive high-quality supply. Additionally, Tremor Video has seen a rise in retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands leveraging the platform to seize on the e-commerce momentum as consumers increasingly shop online as a pandemic safety precaution.

“Tremor Video’s self-service DSP allows us to be an even stronger partner for our brand clients by ensuring their ad campaigns reach the most highly-targeted audience possible,” said Tim Lathrop, Digital Director at Mediassociates. “It affords us a greater sense of ownership over these campaigns, while helping us execute more efficiently and providing key insights we can use to optimize performance, all in an easy-to-use platform.”

Key benefits of Tremor Video’s self-service DSP include:

  • All-screen video platform to enable the execution of impactful ads across multiple screens with just a single placement
  • Direct and exclusive access to premium video and connected TV (CTV) supply
  • Easy-to-use UI to streamline campaign setup, activation and optimization
  • Machine-learning predictions to deliver the best KPI outcomes for each campaign, including video completion rate, click-through rate and engagement rate
  • Exclusive automatic content recognition (ACR) and emotion-based EQ consumer data to reach unique audiences across all screens
  • Enhanced brand storytelling with custom creative solutions to drive engagement

“The growth of our self-service DSP is the direct result of our ongoing strategy to expand our video advertising capabilities in the areas that will most benefit our clients including CTV and private marketplaces (PMPs),” said Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer, Tremor Video. “Advertisers are increasingly seeking control and transparency — a trend that the anxiety brought on by the pandemic is only spurring on more. Tremor Video continues to invest in our self-service DSP to allow advertisers to keep responsibility for their businesses in their hands.”

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Tremor Video helps advertisers deliver impactful brand stories across all screens through the power of innovative video technology combined with advanced audience data and captivating creative. Tremor Video is one of the largest and most innovative video advertising companies in North America, with offerings in CTV, instream and in-app. Tremor Video is a Tremor International company.

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