Extended Play Ad Format

Distribute your long-form content across all screens — and engage viewers everywhere — by leveraging Tremor Video's inventory. Viewers watch 15 or 30 seconds of your video ad, with the option to continue to watch the entire video (up to five minutes), without ever leaving the ad. Now, your extended content can run at scale without the constraints of 60 second ad inventory.

Production Timelines and Specifications

The All-screen Plus campaign can include robust features such as where-to-buy, social feeds, end cards with additional branding, and more.

Average Turnaround Time

    • Each campaign is unique so a custom timeline is provided to you once a concept is selected for production
    • Plus units usually take 5 to 8 days to produce depending on the concept
    • This typically includes a Kick Off Call, asset collection, production time, feedback rounds, setup, and launch
    • We recommend doing a storyboard round for more complex units
    • Extended Play units with additional features like the Multi Video Selector, End Card or Captivate frame usually take 5 days or longer depending on the concept
    • Any major creative change during the campaign flight requires an additional 3-4 day build time

Design Template

    • If you have a specific vision or want your creative team to design the concept, we have design templates for you to use as guidance
    • This route expedites our production timeline as well to 1-2 days

Design Asset Specs

We accept many types of design assets. If your design assets don’t match with the file types below, we could still use them but may add more time to the timeline.

Preferred Design Assets:

    • Logo PNG
    • Lockup PNG
    • Product images PNG and/or JPG if applicable
    • Any other applicable images if required

Preferred Font File Types:

    • All available fonts, especially if required by the client, in both TTF and WOFF (web) versions
    • If specific fonts cannot be provided, we will use a similar font from our extensive font library

Design Asset Specs (cont’d)

Preferred Image File Types:

    • Photoshop files (.PSD or .PSB)
      • layered files preferred
    • Illustrator files (.ai)
    • .PNG
    • .JPG
    • .EPS
    • .GIF
    • .TIFF

Preferred Image Specs:

    • Color: RGB
    • Image Quality (only if JPG): 60-70%
    • Image resolution: 72 dpi

Video Specs

  • Resolution (video dimensions): 1280 x 720 (HD) preferred
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • File Type: .mp4 with H.264 codec preferred
    • .mov video files also accepted
  • Maximum Video File Size: under 50MB preferred
  • Video Length: we accept various video lengths
    • eg. 5 seconds, 6 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.
  • Frame Rate: 24 FPS (aka 23.976) or 30 FPS (aka 29.97)
  • Minimum Video Bitrate: 800 – 1024 kbps or higher
  • Minimum Audio Bitrate: 128kbps / 44khz (64k – 128k @ 44.1khz or higher)
  • Other:
    • Alpha channel (transparency) video is also accepted if available
    • If your final video/s aren’t ready until closer to the launch date, we can use placeholder videos until it’s ready. However, there may be a chance we may need to edit the design if it conflicts with elements in your final video.