TV-to-Digital 1:1 Retargeting Drives Lift in Visits to Auto Dealerships


Drive lift in visits to automotive manufacturer’s dealerships among audience exposed to campaign (vs. a non-exposed control group)


One of the world’s largest automotive brands partnered with Tremor Video to 1:1 retarget the audience exposed to its TV ads and its competitors’ TV spots with a relevant video message on their mobile devices.

Campaign Details

  • Vertical: Automotive
  • Ad Type: Mobile Video
  • Flight: 11/22/17–12/31/17


  • 14% lift in visits to manufacturer's dealerships
  • 11x–16x optimal frequency for driving visits
  • 3 days most visits occured within 3 days of exposure to mobile video ad
  • 83.2% video completion rate (+16% higher than benchmark)

An automotive manufacturer was being outspent by a key competitor by 50% on TV and needed to find new, effective ways to extend their audience reach. By partnering with Tremor Video & Alphonso to retarget TV audiences 1:1 via mobile video ads, the brand successfully extended its reach and drove incremental visits to its dealerships.