Shopper-Targeted Video Ads Drive Lift in Brand Awareness


Drive brand awareness lift for major grocery retailer among audience exposed to campaign (vs. a non-exposed control group)


The retailer partnered with Tremor Video to leverage custom Nielsen purchase-based targeting to deliver video messaging to relevant audiences, including core shoppers (shop 4x/week) and occasional shoppers (1-3x/week). These audiences were reached across desktop and mobile devices in an effort to drive lift in brand awareness.

Campaign Details

  • Vertical: Retail
  • Ad Type: All Screen Video & Mobile Video Plus
  • Flight: 02/12/18 - 03/31/18


  • 11.6% lift in brand awareness
  • 6.5% lift in message association
  • 82.7% video completion rate
  • 63.9% IAS viewability

A national grocery retailer sought to leverage all-screen and mobile video ads to reach relevant consumers. By partnering with Tremor Video, the retailer successfully generated brand awareness and message association lift among its desired shopper audiences.