CPG Brand Leverages Tremor Video’s Cross-Device Attribution Analytics to Uncover Actionable Campaign Insights Across Multiple Dimensions​


A popular CPG brand that specializes in family & beauty products wanted to measure the relative impact of CTV and All-Screen Video in driving conversion behavior, as defined by a combination of website page views, product purchases and brand loyalty program subscriptions.

Additionally, the brand sought to determine which exposure-to-conversion paths across platforms/devices yielded the highest conversion rates.

The brand’s secondary objective was to better understand which creative executions, days of the week and DMAs generated the highest engagement with their CTV & All-Screen Video campaigns.


The brand took advantage of Tremor Video’s QR code-enhanced CTV and All-Screen Video technology to reach highly targeted consumers across every screen in the household.

Using a mix of curated, syndicated BT and Unified Social Data, the brand reached a target audience of new/expecting parents and people interacting/engaging with family-specific brands, hashtags, and personalities across social media platforms.

To understand the relative performance of the aforementioned campaign variables, the brand utilized Tremor Video’s robust measurement capabilities, including its cross-screen conversion attribution tracking.

Campaign Details

  • VERTICAL: CPG (Family & Beauty)
  • AD TYPE: Connected TV & All-Screen Video
  • FLIGHT: 9/15/21 – 10/31/21


  • 0.72% conversion rate (Overall Campaign)
  • 0.85% conversion rate (Connected TV)
  • 0.53% conversion rate (All-Screen Video)

Campaign Exposure-to-conversion Path Analysis

The top 10 paths to conversion based on conversion volume were:

PathExposure DeviceConversion Device
1PC/LaptopiOS Smartphone
2CTV Device 1iOS Smartphone
4PC/LaptopAndroid Smartphone
5CTV Device 1Android Smartphone
6CTV Device 2iOS Smartphone
7CTV Device 3iOS Smartphone
8iOS SmartphoneiOS Smartphone
9CTV Device 3Android Smartphone
10CTV Device 2Android Smartphone

Brand Engagement by CTV Creative Execution

While video completion rates (VCRs) for the 15-second and 30-second CTV spots were nearly identical (ranging from 98.5% to 98.9%), a marked difference in QR scan volumes and rates were observed.

  • 3x more scans were generated by the 30s spot vs. the 15s spot
  • 2x higher scan rate was generated by the 30s spot vs. the 15s spot
  • Friday yielded the highest QR code scan rate (0.0022%) and Saturday yielded the lowest rate (0.0008%)
  • Consumers exposed to the campaign on the Eastern half of the U.S. drove the majority of QR scans

Brand Engagement by All-screen Video Creative Execution

While click-through rates (CTRs) for the 15-second and 30-second All-Screen video spots exhibited relative parity (ranging from 0.09% to 0.1%), a marked difference in VCR was observed.

  • 81.7% VCR (15s videos)
  • 83.8% VCR (30s videos)
  • Tuesday yielded the highest CTR (0.19%) and Sunday yielded the highest VCR (86.0%)
  • Among the 10 DMAs with the highest impression volume, Los Angeles yielded the highest CTR (0.11%) and Atlanta yielded the highest VCR (84.7%)