CPG Brand Leverages Tremor Video’s Cross-Device Attribution Analytics to Uncover Actionable Campaign Insights Across Multiple Dimensions​


A popular CPG brand that specializes in family & beauty products wanted to measure the relative impact of CTV and All-Screen Video in driving conversion behavior, as defined by a combination of website page views, product purchases and brand loyalty program subscriptions.

Additionally, the brand sought to determine which exposure-to-conversion paths across platforms/devices yielded the highest conversion rates.

The brand’s secondary objective was to better understand which creative executions, days of the week and DMAs generated the highest engagement with their CTV & All-Screen Video campaigns.


The brand took advantage of Tremor Video’s QR code-enhanced CTV and All-Screen Video technology to reach highly targeted consumers across every screen in the household.

Using a mix of curated, syndicated BT and Unified Social Data, the brand reached a target audience of new/expecting parents and people interacting/engaging with family-specific brands, hashtags, and personalities across social media platforms.

To understand the relative performance of the aforementioned campaign variables, the brand utilized Tremor Video’s robust measurement capabilities, including its cross-screen conversion attribution tracking.

Campaign Details

  • VERTICAL: CPG (Family & Beauty)
  • AD TYPE: Connected TV & All-Screen Video
  • FLIGHT: 9/15/21 – 10/31/21


  • 0.72% conversion rate (Overall Campaign)
  • 0.85% conversion rate (Connected TV)
  • 0.53% conversion rate (All-Screen Video)