Innovative TV Retargeting Sparks Incremental Sales for Nutrish


Drive incremental sales of Nutrish’s products


Tremor Video used ACR technology to capture viewers exposed to the Nutrish TV spot and to its competitors’ TV ads. These audiences were then retargeted 1:1 and in real time on their mobile devices to reinforce the brand’s messaging. Sales attributable to the campaign were measured vs. a non-exposed control group to quantify incremental conversion.

Campaign Details

  • Vertical: CPG
  • Category: Pet Food
  • Ad Type: Mobile Video
  • Flight: 01/09/17–06/18/17


  • $1.1M Incremental Sales
  • 1.6 to 1 ROAS
  • +10% Sales Lift per Exposed HH
  • 90% Contribution of previous brand buyers to Incremental Sales

With cord-cutting and second-screening at an all-time high, advertisers are forced to find innovative ways to effectively reach fragmented audiences in the modern living room. In this context, the pet food brand Nutrish turned to Tremor Video to activate their unique retargeting capabilities.

“At Nutrish, we’re always on the lookout for new and creative ways to engage consumers in our increasingly multi-screen world. Our work with Tremor Video has enabled us to connect the big screen to the small screen to not only reach our audience more effectively through video, but to also drive meaningful, incremental impact for our brand.”

Steve Joyce
VP Marketing, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition