Major Retail Pharmacy Brand Increases Consumer Engagement and Maximizes Efficiencies by Leveraging Creative Services



The brand wanted to build awareness of and engagement with their preferred medical prescription plans. Additionally, they were looking for a creative partner to help them maximize production costs and fill in any resourcing or expertise gaps.


With an already long-standing partnership, the brand selected, the in-house creative services team at Tremor Video, to act as their trusted creative partner and develop a strategic and targeted multi-video campaign. created original video assets, each of which were delivered to uniquely crafted audiences based on age-specific demographics and location. With this approach, the brand was able to achieve their VCR goal by creating a very customized and engaging experience for new and existing customers, while also maximizing cost and resourcing efficiencies in-house.

Campaign Details

  • VERTICAL: Retail Pharmacy
  • 7/2/20 — 9/30/20


  • 75% Video Completion Rate (VCR)(Met VCR goal)
  • 0.35% Click-Through Rate(CTR)
  • 45,857 Total Clicks (Drove 29% higher performance for clicks than the benchmark)

* The strong performance across multiple KPIs showcases that partnering with a trusted and experienced creative team to develop original, more customized video content intended for digital environments can yield great results.