Major Hotel Booking Service Leverages CTV to Drive Incremental Audience Reach & Brand Engagement



Drive incremental reach of video campaign to audiences who were not exposed to brand’s linear TV commercial in order to increase engagement and awareness with the brand.


Brand leveraged Tremor Video’s robust CTV solutions to distribute their video campaign among OTT viewers. By layering on third-party data, the brand reached its target audience of frequent travelers, ages 25-44, and exceeded its engagement KPIs by delivering a 94% total VCR.

Additionally, through Tremor’s exclusive TV viewership data, the brand reached over 2MM unique viewers who had not been exposed to the TV campaign.

Campaign Details

  • VERTICAL: Travel
  • AD TYPE: Connected TV (CTV)
  • FLIGHT: Q1 2020


  • 94% Total VCR (Benchmark of 72%)
  • 3.4MM Total Unique Users Reached
  • 15MM Total Impressions
  • 2MM Incremental Unique Users Reached via CTV vs. Linear TV campaign (97% VCR)
  • Incremental Audience Reach of CTV Campaign vs. Linear TV Campaign: People 2+: 65%; People 25-34: 58%; People 35-44: 75%

* Source: Nielsen. Percentage reached reflects incremental audiences reached by the Tremor CTV campaign and not reached by the Linear TV campaign. Reach efficiency was 2.6x more efficient for P25-34 and 1.5x more efficient for P35-44 than Linear TV.