TV Retargeting & Video Drive Incremental TV Tune-In for Drama Series


Drive tune-in to the series premiere and support the following two episodes.


The network leveraged several Tremor Video 1:1 TV Retargeting strategies, utilizing Alphonso TV data to reach TV viewers with relevant messaging on their mobile and tablet devices.

Campaign Details

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Ad Type: Mobile Video & Tablet Video
  • Flight: 06/07/18 - 06/25/18


  • 13.33% overall lift in tune-in
  • 21.14% lift in tune-in with competitive conquest espionage programming
  • 85.52% overall video completion rate

Strategic Goals

  • Competitive Conquest: Target viewers interested in similar espionage programming
  • Premium Non-Ad Supported Drama/Thriller: Target viewers of HBO & Showtime Original series
  • OTT/Streaming Bucket: Target viewers who binge on OTT streaming programs in the Action and Thriller genre
  • Network Viewers: Target network subscribers with the series’ commercial spot
  • 24 Hour Live TV Blast: Drive last minute awareness of the series during the 24 hours leading up to the premiere
  • Continuity: Retarget viewers who tuned into the series premiere, driving them back for episodes 2 & 3