Advanced TV: Bringing The Benefits Of Digital Advertising To The Big Screen

August 5, 2019

Water cooler conversations at the office are no longer focused on Sunday night’s episodes of The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. Today, we’re binging on full seasons of original content from Netflix and Hulu and catching up on acclaimed series we may have missed. This content is accessed on Over-the-Top (OTT) or Connected TV (CTV) devices like Roku or Apple TV. 

Defining Advanced TV

These innovations in technology fall under the emerging umbrella called Advanced TV—now considered one of the most sought-after platforms for advertisers. Essentially, Advanced TV offers the ability to serve one ad to one household as opposed to linear TV where one ad is broadcasted to households en masse. Advertising through Advanced TV allows for even more granularity in audience targeting with the added bonus of being broadcast on the largest screen in the house. Additionally, the ads are unskippable, so that your video ad can be viewed from beginning to end by audiences that are more likely to be receptive to your brand story.

To capitalize on the power of Advanced TV, advertisers should focus on two key components: 

  • OTT / CTV Transporting content from a video provider to a connected device over the internet outside the closed networks of telecom and cable providers.
  • Addressable TV Offering the ability to serve unique ad content to different audience segments watching the same TV program on IPTV and set top boxes, based on specific audience targeting in either live, playback, or VOD mode.

Growth In The Market & Measurement Capabilities

So, just how popular is Advanced TV around the rest of the country? Well, eMarketer predicts that 57.2% of the US population will watch CTV in 2019, up from 51.7% in 2017. Nielsen estimates that between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, the average amount of time that people spent watching content on CTV devices increased by 5 minutes per day to 40 minutes. 

With Advanced TV, you can also expect even more precise audience measurement and attribution capabilities, which help you prove the effectiveness of your spend. You can measure the demographic composition of their audience, brand awareness lift, sales lift, foot traffic, site visitation, tune-in, and cross-platform effectiveness. This not only validates your campaign but allows the opportunity to adjust and fine-tune your strategy in order to drive the most value.

Being Creative With The Big Screen

You should consider exploring some of the advanced creative placements available on CTV, including End Cards, Image & Video Galleries, Interactive In-Stream, Standard In-Stream, Smart TV Impression Units, and more. These capabilities are designed to help advertisers break through all of the clutter in the market to engage their target customers with better precision. It also provides the opportunity to seamlessly distribute any additional video content in a scalable interactive experience to increase time spent with your viewers. These options work particularly well for travel and retail brands. Imagine if you’re considering an exotic vacation destination; it wouldn’t hurt to have the option of exploring the area via video before booking the trip. 

Protecting Your Brand

With the increased consumption on Advanced TV comes the potential for fraud. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of our world. You should be certain that you’re working with companies that have partnerships with companies like Pixalate, the first and only MRC accredited OTT fraud detection and filtering solution, and DoubleVerify, which also helps to eliminate all fraudulent traffic across CTV pre-bid. After all, you shouldn’t waste any of your advertising budget on fraud.

As we continue to explore the technology and data available on the platform, both advertising solutions and the convergence between traditional TV and Advanced TV will continue to evolve. For now, it’s vital that advertisers cover all their bases through CTV and cross-screen advertising to ensure their video reaches all platforms at moments that make the most sense for their consumers.  

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-Anthony Flaccavento, CRO, Tremor Video