More Brands Are 'Coming Out' with Pride-Themed Videos

June 18, 2019

With June marking the 50th anniversary of the tragic Stonewall Riots in the West Village of Manhattan, as well as the more recent 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, the entire month has provided a commemorative atmosphere for the LGBTQ community to push for unity, inclusion, and equality for all. Around the world, various pride events, parties, parades, peaceful protests, and more are being held in order to raise awareness for Pride Month. 

In the advertising world, more and more brands like Converse, Disney, Starbucks, IKEA, and countless others are embracing the cause in their own way. While it’s commendable for these brands on an ethical and cultural level, you may wonder whether there’s value in the market for those that incorporate Pride in their campaigns. 

Well, an eMarketer survey found that over half of consumers polled were more likely to have a positive perception of brands that include LGBTQ themes in their advertising. Also, according to an Epsilon survey, ninety percent of respondents find personalization appealing and are ten times more likely to be a brand’s most valuable consumer. With that in mind, brands are no longer forced to cater their message to the masses. In fact, it’s advantageous to strategize your message to customized audiences that resonate with your brand.

As we know in the world of advertising, video is one of the most powerful mediums for raising brand awareness. The cinematic medium allows brands to personalize their story to audiences that are more likely to be moved by their message. Today’s innovative video technology has allowed brands to push the boundaries on creativity and messaging to engage with their consumers—including those in the LGBTQ community—in more relevant, emotional and meaningful ways.

Just this past month, Gillette released a video depicting a father teaching his transgender son how to shave, which is considered by many a defining moment in a man’s life. The video is the latest from Gillette, which has continued to push the boundaries on masculinity in its brand messaging. Controversial or not, the risk has succeeded in raising awareness for the LGBTQ community as well as the brand associated with the message. The video was shared by countless publications and was even a focal point on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We’d call that a win, win.

While the Gillette campaign is a recent example, the openness toward LGBTQ-friendly campaigns isn’t exactly new. Over the past few years, many brands have come out in celebration of the cause. Back in 2016, Hilton highlighted Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, who were plaintiffs for the U.S. Supreme Court Case that dealt with Proposition 8, which was all about securing the right to same-sex marriage. Rather than avoid the topic, Hilton went all in with their successful LGBTQ-friendly campaign geared towards staying at their hotels, with the slogan “Stay Hilton. Go Out.”

Dove recently released a video as part of its Baby Dove launch. The video campaign highlights #RealMoms whose range of parenting styles break stereotypes about motherhood and suggest there are no hard rules when it comes to modern parenting.

AT&T did a wonderful job of allowing their video to capture moments of all sorts of different LGBTQ couples in everyday settings, like introducing their partner to their parents and taking silly selfies together. Rather than have their products at the forefront, the phone company decided to take a step back and let the message speak for itself.

There are countless other brands who have embraced LGBTQ messaging through video, some more of a stretch than others. Overall, the momentum of support in the industry has undoubtedly grown over the past few years, with nearly eight in 10 self-identified LGBTQ viewers acknowledging that brands are doing a better job today than five years ago at representing LGBTQ people in their ads.  

If you’re interested in exploring an audience-specific campaign, such as LGBTQ-friendly video, it’s important that you target the right audience with the right message. At Tremor Video, we ensure your video campaign connects with the most relevant audiences, so your message isn’t wasted on apathetic eyes. Contact us to learn more.

– Frank Pasquine, Content Manager, Tremor Video