CES 2020: Living in a Connected World

January 23, 2020

Much like a futuristic sci-fi film, CES 2020 offered everything from autonomous vehicles to connected smart homes that obey your every command. Once again, Tremor Video was on location at the world-famous event, which has become the gathering place for tech companies and consumer brands to showcase breakthrough technologies and innovations. 

Led by our VP, Media Insights and Analytics, Devin Fallon, our team of experts hosted curated CES floor tours at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which provided insights into some of the more popular exhibits from leading brands in the space. Here’s a glimpse of our tour!

Innovation Lounge: Busting the Myths

The fun didn’t stop there. Back at the Aria Sky Suites, our Head of Creative, Les Seifer and Director of Creative Services, Gabriela Maestre hosted an interactive presentation, “Media Myth Busting,” that dissected and debated common myths in media and ad tech. Among the topics were dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for video, short-form ads, CTV vs. linear TV, and other trending innovations and strategies in the space. The main focus of the presentation explored the notion that there’s not always one catch-all silver bullet to solve your video solutions. 

Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind when setting up your campaign strategy: 

Should You Consider Video DCO?

Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with personalized ads, so brands are eager to take on the challenges of DCO in order to provide a more impactful video experience for their consumers. However, brands should be aware that the technology often requires appropriate planning. Evaluating data, creative iterations, and other factors is vital when considering how to properly execute a DCO campaign.

Should Ads Be Shorter?

Consumers are more distracted than ever, but this challenge should be considered an opportunity for brands to get even more creative with their video assets. While short form video can be an effective option to deliver impactful and efficient storytelling, it’s advantageous to offer a blend of standard and short lengths through various executions. Consider versioning for sequential storytelling or more personalized experiences for audiences.

Should You Approach CTV The Same as Digital or Linear?

It’s time to take a more nuanced view of CTV. Brands need to understand that CTV is its own unique medium with plenty of opportunities to drive consumers down the purchase funnel. When implemented properly, CTV can offer the reach of linear TV with the many benefits of digital’s addressability.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure your brand message connects with consumers in the digital video age. With proven video expertise, the Tremor Video team can help guide you toward the most effective strategy to meet your business goals and KPIs.

Frank Pasquine, Content Manager, Tremor Video