Demanding Times Call for Creative Thinking

March 30, 2020

We know things aren’t going exactly as planned this month. If they were, we’d be watching college basketball’s Elite Eight and the start of the MLB season. Rather than reminisce on what could be, we should be focusing on how to move forward with the hand we’re dealt. In the advertising world, this means adapting your creative to speak more directly to consumers with messaging that is relevant for them now. We can help you take on this challenge quickly and efficiently by providing special creative services—including select offerings as added value to you—to help with all aspects of your video needs.

Dedicated Creative Expertise for Your Video Needs

Production resources are scarce and difficult to pull together in a time of social distancing, so brands are having to quickly adjust their messaging without the bandwidth or ability to reshoot new video content right now. That’s where we come in.

With over ten years of experience, our Creative Studio will bring your ideas to life by producing the most engaging video assets based on our seasoned expertise informed by industry best practices. We will guide you through the process every step of the way, working within your legal guidelines and timelines, to deliver impactful video ads.

Full Video Production Services

Not sure if you have all the assets you need to run a video campaign? We can work with any assets—from social and display to GIFs and website content—to quickly turn around highly-polished videos that are built to tell relevant stories. Here are three ways we can assist:

  • Optimize your existing video ads: We can take any video asset and customize it to tell a unique story for each screen based on audience segments and media goals.
  • Repurpose longform or social assets: Provide your longform video content or social assets—animated GIFS, static images, short form video—and we’ll turn them into full-blown video ad magic.
  • Full end-to-end video production: From pre-production concepting and storyboarding, to animated production and video shooting, to post-production edits, we will work with you to develop truly original video assets. 

Upgrading New Messaging with Interactive Creative

Perhaps you need help customizing your messaging to adapt your business strategy. For example, we’ve worked with restaurant and retail brands who’ve had to shift more toward online deliveries and curbside pickups. Some online services have tweaked their offerings to deliver virtual classes and training sessions to people in their homes. Other brands are pivoting to show their support during this time through donations and positive messages of hope. 

No matter which approach you take, we can work with you to quickly adjust your messaging to align with pivots you’ve made to your brand strategy, while driving consumers toward consideration and conversions with next-level video features and formats, including:

Our team of creative specialists will ensure your videos are designed to tell the most engaging and timely story on each screen to audiences who are most likely to be receptive to your message. 

Get in touch with us to see how we can help pivot your video and creative needs today.

-Frank Pasquine, Content Manager, Tremor Video