Crunch Time: Four Key Strategies for Activating Voters in the Final Days Before Midterm Elections

By Justin Chadwick, VP Marketing & Communications, Tremor Video

The window for engaging potential voters is closing for the now-imminent 2022 Midterms, as Election Day is just a few weeks away on November 8th with early and mail-in voting already open in many states. A large number of national and state/local seats are up for grabs this year, the outcomes of which may fundamentally change the party composition of Congress as well as state governments, which in turn will influence legislation leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

With so much at stake for candidates—and the American electorate—political marketers are under enormous pressure to reach and activate as many relevant voters as possible while there is still time. Political advertising spend for this year’s midterms is estimated to be over $7.8 billion according to Kantar, exceeding the 2018 midterms.

As Election Day draws near, political marketers can secure incremental voter reach and inspire them to take action at the polls by optimizing their remaining spend through Connected TV (CTV) and programmatic media. Here are four key strategies you can employ now to drive incremental reach with voters in the final weeks leading up to the 2022 Midterms:

#1 – Connect with voters where they consume their news.

With prominent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter clamping down or outright banning political advertising, campaign marketers are relying once again on the biggest screen in the home as the main medium for reaching voters. Linear TV remains a high-scale medium, but more and more voters are embracing CTV as their primary means of content consumption, according to recent Nielsen data.

The CTV environment gives political advertisers the advantage of reaching viewers right where they’re consuming their news, whether that’s CNN, MSNBC or Fox News’ streaming platforms. In these final weeks of election season, political marketers are missing a huge opportunity if they’re not tapping into the available news inventory in CTV.

#2 – Embrace the power and velocity of programmatic.

The additional advantage of CTV is the ability to activate programmatically and nimbly. In fact, embracing programmatic as a key campaign strategy allows political advertisers to tap into a wider, more scalable breadth of emerging media formats, from CTV to all-screen video, as well as programmatic audio. The quick turnaround time that programmatic affords in getting a campaign message into market and measuring its impact is always crucial, but it’s even more imperative at this late stage of the election season when time is of the essence.

The technology and data assets now exist to effectively measure incremental reach and better understand where advertisers are successfully engaging incremental voters. With these kinds of insights, advertisers can quickly adjust and optimize campaign delivery and audience targeting to maximize voter engagement with the remaining time left before Election Day.

#3 – Diversify and combine audience data sets to hyper-target relevant voters.

Political campaigns capture a wealth of first-party data that, when combined with third-party data, can enable hyper-targeting within the CTV environment. Crucially, local geography-based data gives political marketers the ability to identify the news inventory available within a voting district or zip code and target voters within that specific locale.

From there, CTV enables marketers to layer in a variety of key attributes, from political affiliation to demographics, lifestyle, social engagement, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data, and contextual/content-level attributes. Activating this kind of granular data can be the winning play that delivers candidates the competitive edge they need, especially in close races.

#4 – Enhance campaign messaging with impactful, data-driven creative.

A nimble, hyper-targeted strategy is important, but data-driven creative and messaging is just as essential to a campaign’s success. Emerging creative formats and features powered by the latest technology enables political marketers to respond quickly to the ever-changing dynamics of a campaign with nuanced, powerful messaging that will drive engagement and leave a lasting impression with voters.

Linear TV may have been the high-scale medium of choice for political marketers in campaigns past, but a data-driven strategy that effectively complements linear buys with CTV and programmatic media is more cost-efficient at reaching and persuading voters. As the final election day draws near, the political marketers who invest their media dollars wisely to drive incremental reach may prove to be the victors of the 2022 Midterms.

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