Industry Insights and Trends
That Define These Challenging Times

Discover how consumer purchase behavior and media consumption
are evolving as a result of the global pandemic.

Given the challenges we’re facing in all aspects of life, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing drastic shifts in consumption and behavior in our industry. It’s important to stay up-to-date with trends in the space, so that we can work with advertisers to provide the most effective campaigns across Connected TV and second-screen devices.

In the below, we aim to capture some of the most topical and relevant trends and statistics that we’re seeing during these challenging times so that advertisers have a better understanding how to best adapt and optimize their campaigns.

Additionally, a new survey from our colleagues at Unruly revealed that consumers are spending a lot more time than before on Connected TV and second-screen devices. Check out the complete survey results!

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Latest Trends & Insights

FourSquare Updates: Returning to Normal

  • Visits to casual sit-down restaurants are up across all regions, though still below pre-COVID levels
  • 69% of category visits were sit down during the 6/11-6/17 period, compared to 16% 5/14-5/19
  • Nail and hair salons are also approaching normal pre-COVID levels of business, particularly in the South and Midwest
  • Shopping malls and clothing stores have also risen to 60-70% of pre-pandemic visitation

Why You Should Keep Advertising Amidst COVID-19 (Nielsen)

  • 2% revenue loss for brands every quarter of inactivity
  • They also estimate that it takes 3-5 years of consistent brand activity to recover from extended media blackout periods
  • During a period when there’s less advertising on screens and more viewing time, every 10% increment of share of voice for a brand may translate to a 0.5% increase in market share

Amid Ecommerce Challenges, Dick’s Expands Clearance Concepts (MediaPost)

  • Despite the potential to lose market share to D2Cs and online vendors, Dick’s has been able to retain its market position due to the tactical opening of a handful of clearance-style stores during the pandemic
  • In addition to brick and mortar stores with curbside pickup, Dick’s has rebranded its clearance section of its website as well

Samsung Ads Business Grows, With Higher Ad-Free Streaming Time Usage (MediaPost)

  • Similar to other trends we’ve seen, Samsung claims its TV owners are now spending 44% of their streaming time in ad-supported environments, up from 41% prior to the pandemic
  • For 1Q20, streaming represented 58% of TV time, up from 51% in 4Q19
  • 75% of streamers on its platform are watching ad-supported streaming services

Tapping The Streaming Sports Advertising Opportunity Takes More Than Money (MediaPost)

  • As sports begin to return, audiences are faced with potentially more options for streaming this content than ever before
  • 51% of sports fans use streaming services to watch sports not available elsewhere, according to a recent survey by Sapio Research
  • Dynamically streaming ads may offer a way for sports in streaming environments to offer a superior experience to linear broadcasts
  • Telling quote from DAZN Executive Chairman John Skipper: “I don’t understand as a consumer why I would put up with interruptions anymore in the middle of a [first-tier drama or comedy] show. On the other hand, in sports, there are natural breaks and I think people will still put up with advertising.”

The IAB Re-entry Report

  • 17MM new households are expected to continue grocery shopping online after the pandemic
  • 69% of consumers claim to have tried a new brand (across a variety of categories) during the pandemic
  • Legacy CPG brands are leaning in to D2C distribution straight from their websites (Heinz, Pepsi, FritoLay)
  • Legacy retailers are beefing up their BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store) capabilities (Old Navy, Bloomingdales, Starbucks)
  • US adoption of mobile payment platforms (10%) currently lags far behind other countries, but signs of a change are evident

Time Spent with Subscription OTT Video Content in the US Will Surpass an Hour for the First Time This Year (eMarketer)

  • eMarketer estimates that daily time with Subscription OTT services will surpass one hour for the first time
  • Daily viewership is expected to increase into 2021 and 2022 as well

Consumer Video Spending To Remain Flat As OTT Rises, Traditional Media Declines: Analyst (MediaPost)

  • Consumer spending on OTT video and services (SVOD, vMVPD) is estimated to reach $51B by 2024, while traditional video will drop to $88B

Pets Category Ad Spending Spikes In Second Quarter (MediaPost)

  • 51% increase in pet brand spending, year over year in 2Q
  • Pet food is the largest subcategory of pet brand spending
  • 75% of ads during the 2Q period
  • While making up a small subset of the category, pet grooming ad spend increased more than nine times during this same period

Majority Of Sports Fans ‘Ready to Go, Now’ — Still, No Slam Dunk (MediaPost)

  • 55% of sports fans (who attended a live game within the past year) are ready to go back to live events, with no hesitation
  • This figure peaked at 60% in late May, but civil unrest in the past few weeks has impacted consumer willingness to return to leisure activities

AMC Says The Shows Will Go On, With Most Theaters Opening In July (MediaPost)

  • AMC plans to reopen almost all of their theaters in July, attempting to lure moviegoers back and stave off devastating revenue losses beginning mid-March
  • 22% of respondents would be comfortable going back to the movies now
  • 33% claimed it wouldn’t be for six months or more until they’d feel comfortable going to the movies now
  • AMC and others will rely on safety measures like “checkerboard” seating, automated concession ordering, and designated arrival times
  • Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is one of the first major blockbusters to signal a return to normalcy, expected to drop 7/17, followed by Mulan the following week

Connected TV Advertising Showed Signs of Rebounding as Early as April (AdWeek)

  • 40% increase in CTV ad spend across a variety of CTV devices, including Smart TVs and streaming media players
  • 128% increase in Kids & Family programming during the April-May time period

Foursquare: Prepping for Road Trips

  • Visits to auto shops and auto dealerships are both up week over week, approaching pre-pandemic levels and suggesting families are gearing up for road trips as summer arrives

Other sectors seeing week over week increases or full recoveries:

Nielsen: How Brands Can Prepare For Second-Half Year Declines (MediaPost)

  • 11% revenue declines in brands going dark for “extended periods” in 2021, according to Nielsen
  • Nielsen’s general guidance also suggests that it takes three to five years for brands to recover equity/market share after extended dark periods, meaning brands staying quiet now for fear of striking the wrong tone may be taking other risks by not getting back in the game.

Every Brand Has Become A Challenger — Are You Up For The Challenge? (MediaPost)

  • With supply chains and store stock being upset by a global pandemic, many consumers have had to turn to new brands
  • 61% of consumers who have tried new brands have done so due to supply chain issues
  • 57% of consumers who have tried a new brand during the pandemic claim they’ll stick with it, suggesting brand loyalty has taken a backseat to practicality and pragmatism
  • The upshot of these changes is that even legacy category leaders need to consider themselves as challenger brands for fear of being left behind due to a failure to innovate

Ready, Set, Go! Moms Looking To Plan Vacation (MediaPost)

  • As virtual school years end and the country slowly begins to open back up, vacation planning is high on the priority list for moms
  • 40% of moms survived will plan a vacation as soon as state stay-at-home orders are lifted
  • Vacation plans seem largely focused on destinations in driving distance, though not necessarily in-state
  • Verticals expected to benefit from this increase in travel, aside from hotels, are snack/CPG, rental, and toy/games

Sling TV Appoints New President As Subscriber Losses Continue (MediaPost)

  • Since posting its first quarter over quarter decline in subscribers in 4Q19, Sling TV (one of the first true vMVPD offerings, allowing viewers to watch live linear content digitally) saw an increased rate of decline, with a net 94,000 accounts dropping service in 1Q20
  • 2.3MM total subscribers
  • As linear TV continues to be challenged by a lack of sports and the drying out of the content pipeline, Sling and other vMVPDs will likely continue to be challenged with increased cord cutting rates

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