Retargeting in a Multiscreen World

Our VP of Media & Analytics, Devin Fallon speaks to Street Fight's "Heard on the Street" Podcast

February 5, 2020

We are living in a multiscreen world, and Tremor Video is at the forefront of solving advertisers’ challenges in these ever-evolving technological times. How so? Our VP, Media & Analytics, Devin Fallon sits down with Heard On The Street, Street Fight’s podcast where Mike Boland uncovers some of our strategic video offerings like TV Retargeting and Advanced TV advertising. Devin walks Mike through the key advantages behind our solutions, as well as some of the results we’ve seen from companies like FOX and Nutrish. Listen to the full podcast below!

Our TV Retargeting solutions can be particularly impactful given the growing prevalence of second-screen viewing — for example, watching a streaming app on your CTV while also on your mobile device.

“Most people can relate to this experience in some way shape or form. Multitasking with other devices like smartphones and tablets and computers has been around for a little while, and has maybe skewed younger … but at this point in time, it really does run the gamut across all demographics and across a huge variety of content types. So, no matter what people are watching on the biggest screen in the household, there’s a better than even chance that they at some point or during all points of that viewing have another screen out in front of them, closer to their face and arguably a little more personal in nature.” 

How are we able to do this? Through a technology known as automatic content recognition (ACR), powered by Alphonso TV, which is able to determine consumers’ TV viewing habits.

“Knowing that the cost for a brand to run on linear TV for a lot of those opportunities is incredibly high, this is a way for us to potentially surround that content for users who. for instance, are watching the Oscars and might have their smartphone open in front of them.”  

Be sure to listen to the full podcast above for more on Tremor Video, as well as personal tidbits from Devin Fallon.