Stephanie Haina: Empowering Brands with Smart and Thoughtful Digital Solutions

Congratulations to Stephanie on her nomination for ThinkLA’s 2021 Salesperson of the Year award!

June 25, 2021

Here at Tremor Video, we have a lot to celebrate lately. Recently, our very own Stephanie Haina was named a finalist for this year’s ThinkLA Idea Awards in the Salesperson of the Year category! Tremor Video has a history of success within this esteemed category with Sarineh Croft and Laura Grifka‘s nominations in 2018 and 2020, respectively, and Michelle Kim’s win in 2019. 

During Stephanie’s seven-year tenure at Tremor, she’s proven time and time again to be an instrumental part of the team and we are thrilled that she has earned this well-deserved honor.

Her complementary abilities to plan strategically and mobilize internal groups have enabled her to continually solve her clients’ toughest challenges and drive the success of their CTV and all-screen video campaigns. 

Ericka Carr, Executive Director, Media Investment Strategy at MGM Resorts International, stated, “Stephanie is the kind of partner you fight to keep on your account, the type of person you want swinging on your side and sharing her ideas with you. Stephanie pays attention to the little details; she digs deeply into your goals and strategies, and looks for a variety of ways in which Tremor’s products can align with what you need to accomplish.“ 

Stephanie is always proactive in bringing unique and first-to-market solutions to her clients, oftentimes encouraging internal teams to develop and innovate on current solutions in order to meet her clients’ needs. 

We recently sat down with Stephanie to learn more about what brought her to Tremor Video, and what continues to inspire her to provide her brand and agency clients with proactive, innovative solutions to achieve their goals. 

Congratulations on being named a finalist! Can you share some background on your career so far and how it led you to Tremor Video?

My sales background started in the automotive industry. I worked for J.D. Power and Associates for nine years and managed their conferences and events, sponsorship sales and digital content for programs. By meeting leaders within the industry and quickly specializing in digital, I became an auto enthusiast at the company. From there, J.D. allowed me to focus a lot on sales, and I soon moved on to work at Solve Media and made automotive clients my focus. I then got hired by RhythmOne, which eventually became a part of the Tremor family, with its mission of helping advertisers deliver impactful brand stories across all screens. 

Stephanie and her new bundle of joy, Noa.

What are the top three lessons you’ve learned from your time in industry?

I’ve learned so much throughout my career, but the three lessons that have always stuck with me are: Patience is a virtue, never burn bridges and be more consultative. 

Patience goes a long way, especially with objective-driven clients looking to meet aggressive KPIs. Stay patient — even when clients aren’t ready to spend or think your offering isn’t relevant at that time, they will later. While you’re waiting, stay in front of them. Use this time to provide industry news and share how your offering can help drive their objectives and KPIs. It takes time to find the right opportunity (it sometimes took years for me to land clients), so align with what they are looking for and be patient along the way. 

Never burn bridges. It’s critical to maintain good industry and personal relationships. I have leveraged relationships from the very beginning of my career by staying connected, kind and nice, which leads me into my third lesson — be consultative rather than pushy or salesy. Be there as part of their team rather than as a vendor. You are an extension of their team and you want them to come to you with and for ideas about creative and data. It doesn’t always have to be about direct sales — being consultative can be the catalyst for driving sales. 

As a member of Tremor’s Diversity & Inclusion group, what initiatives have you seen make the greatest impact within the team? What have you learned from being a member of that team?

I’m so proud of our company’s open forum. We offer educational sessions and hold internal group meetings virtually to support all Tremor Video team members. We’re all about being present and being there — making sure work is a safe place for our teams to talk about current issues and things they’re going through.

Educating myself has made the greatest impact on me. There are so many things we’re not aware of. It’s so important, even if you think you know everything, to learn more about forums and programs in place that can educate you on current issues, both globally and stateside. At Tremor Video, we have been doing what we can to support causes from home. For example, our Los Angeles team recently donated to the Armenia fund and sent backpacks to Artsakh.

Tremor Video LA Sales Team

How has COVID-19 changed the industry and how do you stay on top of ever-evolving industry trends?

At the beginning of COVID-19, there was a halt in media spend and clients were hesitant about their ad dollars during this time. If clients are spending, they want to see the return, the measurement behind it and that it’s enhancing the brand, sales or a convergence of the two. As a result, lower-funnel metrics have increased in importance since the onset of the pandemic.  

Tremor Video stayed relevant by talking to our clients about their business and the changes they were undergoing. For example, our QSR clients shifted focus to online ordering capabilities as more Americans ordered in. They cared about how we could harness delivery apps like Postmates and GrubHub to drive orders. For hospitality clients, messaging around safety and cleanliness became the focus as travelers became hesitant, and as such, we pivoted our work with them to inject a heightened focus on consumer safety into their strategies. Across all verticals and industries, we had to adapt alongside our clients to uncover what worked best for them — keeping a close pulse on what’s changing in the world and across our industry alike.  

Throughout everyone’s career there are the highs and lows. What are your greatest accomplishments thus far and where do you see yourself in the future?

When I was at RhythmOne, most of my work was focused on display and banner ads — so when I entered the world of video and CTV at Tremor, everything I knew had to be put on hold and I experienced a huge learning curve. It was hard work and I struggled at the beginning, but the value of CTV spoke for itself and I seamlessly adapted. 

Tremor Video 2019 Holiday Party

Being able to adapt and change my book of business to a completely new territory and scope of work was one of my biggest accomplishments, and it only prepared me more for the future state of the industry. Especially with the rise of CTV and digital video during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to be able to pivot to meet evolving client needs. 

As we move forward beyond the pandemic, things will continue to change and we need to be prepared. I see myself continuing to drive success and growth at Tremor Video, leveraging our cutting-edge offerings to help clients future-proof for the cookieless future and any other changes to come.