Supporting Your Video Strategies During These Uncertain Times

March 20, 2020

With dramatic measures being taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 across our country, consumers are spending more time indoors than ever before. And while this presents new challenges for your brand, it also introduces new opportunities for you to reach and engage these homebound consumers who, according to Nielsen, are consuming media at a 60% higher rate. In fact, here at Tremor Video, we’ve seen upwards of a 200% increase in Connected TV (CTV) consumption since March 1st. 

That’s why we’ve highlighted a handful of ways that you can be strategic and proactive by transforming today’s obstacles into opportunities.

What Will We Do Without Live Sports?

While major sporting events like March Madness, the NBA, the NHL, and the Masters have been cancelled, sports fans are still actively consuming content. You just need to look elsewhere! Through exclusive TV audience segments, we’re still able to reach these consumers on CTV and second-screen devices with customized messaging that speaks to their interests. So, while we can’t bring back March Madness this year, we can work with you to engage specific sports audiences who are seeking new video content. You’ll need to hold onto those brackets for another time.

News and Media Consumption Is Surging

Since the initial outbreak of the coronavirus, cable news networks have been jammed with coverage of both the pandemic and a hot political primary season, with a viewership surge of more than 50% according to our partner Alphonso.

Not to mention the increasing amount of users checking their phones and tablets minute-by-minute for updates and news. Not only can we help you capture these viewing segments across all screens, we can extend your reach through premium news outlets like CBS News, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and other sites.

Strapped for Resources? We Can Support Your Video Needs

It’s understandable that you may have to quickly adjust your messaging during this crisis but may not have the bandwidth or budget to reshoot new video content. Our in-house Creative Studio is here to help—from adding overlays or end cards, to full video editing and production at a fraction of the cost of traditional video shops. Give us one asset—video or even a banner—and we can turn it into multiple videos built to tell relevant stories. We can even create customized templates specific to your brand, which can allow for timely video or messaging swaps during live campaigns.

I’m Not Sure I Want My Videos to Run on All COVID-19 Digital Content

In light of these unprecedented times, we’re seeing a range of content across the messaging spectrum. Whether we turn to the big screen or our phones and computers, you can’t escape the overwhelming news that can be very informative and helpful at times, and downright depressing and doomsday in other instances. Thanks to our partnership with Grapeshot, coronavirus and COVID-19 related terms have been added to our standard protection. This means we can determine if the coronavirus content is mentioned in a negative context that is unsafe for your brand and adjust where your video ads run. 

How you continue to nurture your brand’s relationship with your consumers in tough times is more imperative than ever and can leave a lasting impression on your business. Our goal is to help simplify the hurdles your facing and find the right solutions that will help you succeed today.

Get in touch with one of our representatives to find out how we can support your video campaigns and tackle today’s challenges and opportunities together.

Frank Pasquine, Content Manager, Tremor Video