Reassure financial consumers
with customized video.

As people continue to seek information related to their finances, it’s important now more than ever to inform and reassure consumers through customized CTV and video.

Relevant Audiences

Reach the following financial audience segments across CTV and second-screen devices:

  • In-Market for Banking Services
  • Loan Refinancing Researchers
  • Investment Researchers
  • Regional Bank Customers
  • In-Market for Financial Planning / Advisors
  • In-Market for a New Credit Card
  • And more audiences custom catered for your brand!

We’ve seen upwards of a 200% increase in Connected TV (CTV) consumption since March 1st. 

As the new centerpiece of the modern living room, CTV offers a fully viewable, non-skippable, premium video viewing environment that allows CPG brands to reach household consumers through the landscape of television.


Custom Creative

Work with our in-house Creative Studio to create unique messaging customized to engage with your audiences across CTV and second-screen video devices.

Access features that will improve overall video engagement:

Measure Your Results

What kind of results can you expect? Have a look at a recent case study that highlights how we were able to help a bank provide lifts in brand awareness and consideration through our Advanced TV solutions.