Engage Consumers Along Their Treatment Journey Through the Power of CTV & All-Screen Video

Reach consumers utilizing dynamic solutions driven by actionable audience data and proven creative solutions

Due to the global pandemic, healthcare is at the forefront of consumers’ minds with 68% of Americans now paying more attention to health concerns1

So, now more than ever, it’s important to reach consumers during each stage of their healthcare journey.

By leveraging Tremor Video’s unique audience solutions and compelling custom creative, you can reach your desired health-conscious audiences across all digital screens including Connected TV (CTV), mobile, tablet and desktop.

1Source: Cleveland Clinic

Key Solutions

Whether you’re advertising prescription (Rx) or over-the-counter (OTC) products, our privacy-safe, HIPAA-compliant audience solutions can get your brand in front of relevant consumers along their patient journey:

Reach consumers who are more likely to suffer from specific health conditions or are more likely to be relevant based on demographically modeled segments.

Connect with consumers based on self-declared health-related data.

Reach consumers based on patient health behavior across prescription, OTC and consumer/medical claims.

Reach households exposed to your TV ad or a competitor’s TV ad.

Target consumers who are engaging with health-related topics across social platforms, including:

    • Pharmacy shoppers, prescription discounts and those in search of healthcare providers
    • Engagements with health institutions on Twitter
    • Interactions with health-related videos or following health accounts on YouTube

Interactive Creative

Tr.ly Creative

Take your digital video creative to the next level with our Tr.ly Creative Studio. Through compelling brand storytelling and premium, customizable creative solutions, Tr.ly will captivate your health-focused audiences across screens.

Key creative features include:

ISI Scroller | Demo

Branded Frames & Overlays | Demo

QR Codes for CTV | Demo

Extended Play | Demo

Decision Tree | Demo

Pharmacy & Office Location Finder



Measurable & Actionable Results

Discover how a major pharmaceutical brand drove awareness by utilizing Tremor Video’s TV Intelligence and Unified Social Data solutions across CTV and all-screen video during NASCAR Races.

Data Policies for Sensitive Health Conditions

Tremor Video uses NAI-compliant sources (such as Crossix and Swoop) for segments related to sensitive health conditions or treatments. These segments are created using an enhanced demographic approach that allows us to reach audiences for whom certain sensitive health conditions are more likely to be relevant without using sensitive health information. We don’t geo-target to isolate consumers suffering from a specific health condition (including visiting hospitals).

Tremor Video prohibits any third-party targeting on “Per se” sensitive health conditions, which include inter alia: mental health, presence of STDs, drug or alcohol addiction, or pregnancy terminations. The segments we utilize related to sensitive health conditions or treatments are based on demographic modeling, not sensitive health information.