Engage Audiences Through Premium Programmatic Video at Scale

Our Private Marketplaces (PMPs) help you reach the consumers that matter the most for your brand through unique, high-quality Connected TV (CTV) & video inventory.

Why Our PMPs?

Premium CTV & Video Supply powered by Unruly
Curated Performance-Based Supply
Scalable Inventory Across All Screens
Direct Integrations with leading DSP partners
Customized Client Service & Strategic Planning
Brand-Safe Environments

Types of Video PMPs You Can Activate


  •  Keyword Based: Increase the relevance of your messaging through custom keyword targeting and pre-packaged audience segments.
  •  Content-Level Based: Access content-level packages based on genre and rating video attributes to reach your target audience at scale

ADVANCED TV PMPs: Captivate key audiences within high-quality, highly viewable video content across CTV and Full Episode Player inventory.

PERFORMANCE PMPS: Reach consumers through qualified video supply across desktop, mobile, and CTV to meet viewer completion rates (VCR), click-through rates (CTR), viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) benchmarks.

DSP Partners


The Trade Desk

Google DV360




Many More!

Customized Client Service & Strategic Planning

Superior customer service & strategic, collaborative partnership committed to helping clients fulfill their unique goals, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Brand-Safe Environments

Tremor Video excludes fraudulent inventory in real-time through verification partners like DoubleVerify, IAS and Moat, to ensure intelligent bidding, as well as pre-bid bot and site fraud blocking. Our integration with Oracle Data Cloud offers brand-safety protection with standard brand safety channels applied across every advertiser, every campaign, and every supply partner.

“The move from open marketplaces toward private setups is a longstanding one, as advertisers have sought the most premium and safest inventory—and as content owners have worked to make their supply available in trusted programmatic environments.”

US Programmatic Digital Display Advertising Outlook 2021