Reach voters through audience-driven video

There are an abundance of key issues debated across our political landscape. Ensure your campaign leverages innovative and impactful video solutions, such as CTV, to engage the right audiences.

Target Influential Thought Leaders

Our solutions can help your video reach the 40 million Americans who no longer watch traditional TV and, unlike major walled-garden advertisers, we can ensure your campaign message connects with citizens through a strategic campaign across all video devices.

  • DMA-specific voter reach for local elections
  • .gov targeting
  • Segments that include CEOs, government officials, association CEOs, legislators, policymakers, small business owners, NGOs, etc.

Leverage Rich Audience Data to Optimize Reach

Backed by our robust data partnerships, your message will resonate with the right audience.

Data Partners

Reach the Audiences you Need with Our EXCLUSIVE Packages

Top benefits for you:

  • Complete flexibility of execution and efficient pricing – activate ASAP
  • Choose from Managed Service, Self-Service, PMPs or a hybrid of all
  • Precision retargeting of audiences through election day, based on the most actionable voter profile data
  • 100% Share of Voice (SOV) in real-time
  • Abundance of targeting capabilities from Geo, Contextual, Cultural…you name it!


Reach Citizens with an Affinity for Specific Issues

  • Taxation
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Civil rights
  • Education
  • Immigration

Resonate with Voters Through Data-Driven Creative

  • Customize messaging tailored for your audience across all screens
  • Leverage advanced formats and features to drive engagement and conversion
  • Optimize existing video ads
  • Repurpose long form or social assets
  • Take advantage of full end-to-end video production
  • Receive consultation services during the entire production process

Deliver KPIs that drive success for your campaign

  • Video completion rate / click through rate
  • Increased donations
  • Lift in visits to website
  • Campaign Awareness