Reach voters vital to your campaign.

Leverage our innovative video solutions to reach, engage and activate the right audiences across CTV and second-screen devices.  

Custom Audience Segments

We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of audience targeting solutions based on these key factors:

  • Registered Voters
  • Those Researching Political Topics
  • Recent Social Media Behavior
  • Demographics & Lifestyle
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Advocates of Key Issues
We’ve seen upwards of a 200% increase in Connected TV (CTV) consumption since March 1st. 

As the new centerpiece of the modern living room, CTV offers a fully viewable, non-skippable, premium video viewing environment that allows CPG brands to reach household consumers through the landscape of television.

Enhance Your Video with Advanced Creative

Work with our in-house Creative Studio to incorporate features that will improve your overall video engagement:


All Screen Solutions

Our solutions can help your video reach the 40 million Americans who no longer watch traditional TV and, unlike major walled-garden advertisers, we can ensure you’re reaching registered voters based on their views and political stance across all screens (Connected TV, mobile, desktop, tablet).