Streamline Your CTV & Video Execution With Our Latest Enhancements

As part of our ongoing commitment to make our Self-Service DSP as simple and streamlined as possible, tap into several brand-new campaign tools and platform updates that enable you to set up and launch your placements with ease!

Summer 2022

JUST RELEASED: Audience Insights, Advanced Creative Workflow & Much More!

This month we are introducing a variety of features to enhance our DSP including Audience Insights, Advanced Creative Workflow, App and Domain Dispersion, Bulk Edit Pacing/Front Loading, Bulk Edit Status Updates and Placement Summary.

Audience Insights

Our new Audience Insights provides detailed information about your target audiences so you can reach scale, performance goals and optimize your campaigns in real-time. ​ To access Audience Insights, simply navigate to the insights carousel on the campaign page. There, you can see metrics for top delivered audiences by placement or campaign and behavioral patterns based on our proprietary TV intelligence viewership information.

Targeted Audience Composition

“All Viewership” indexes within TV Insights

“Network Indexes” within TV Insights​

This information can also be downloaded in an easy-to-read CSV file.​

Advanced Creative Workflow

Our revamped Creative Package workflow allows you to streamline your creative assets within your campaign placement for seamless activation. You now have the option to add Video assets to your campaign, where previously this was only available for Display/Audio. This includes “Simple” standard video assets or “Advanced” custom video creatives., our in-house digital creative studio, offers a wide variety of solutions to enhance your video campaigns across all screens – learn more about here.

Advanced Creative – How to Activate To include custom creative within the DSP, select, “Advanced Creative” as the package type. Then, fill in the remaining fields such as start / end date, category and screen type and custom events.​

View of the Advanced Creative Pane

After saving your uploaded assets, they will appear in your Creative Flight.

If selecting the Advanced package for a video asset, the Creative Flight will also include a column for adding tracking pixels “Custom Events”. Custom Events are elements that the creative team embeds within an Advanced asset where users can interact with the asset. Ex: a QR Code, or a clickable game button.

View of the Creative Video Flight pane

Similar to pixels, once a custom event is added, the “+” will change to a value which represents how many tracking pixels have been added to the corresponding custom events.

View of the dropdown for Custom Events

Please note that in a package, you can only select all advanced or all simple creative. If you would like to run both types of creative, then you must create separate placements within the same campaign.

App and Domain Dispersion

Get the most out of your CTV and all-screen campaigns with our easy-to-use Dispersion tool, which allows you to manage inventory distribution across apps and domains.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Increase campaign reach by tapping into a wide breadth of apps and domains
  • Activate with ease to streamline campaign setup and maximize spend
  • Optimize campaign delivery according to specific performance goals

How to Activate

  1. Go to the bidding methodology card within campaign set up.
  2. To turn it on (it is off by default), slide either the app or domain toggles to set the maximum desired percentages.
View of the App and Domain Dispersion Toggles

Important App and Domain Dispersion Notes

  • App names are provided by publishers. If an app name does not exist, TV DSP will use the Bundle ID. This could potentially lead to overdelivery.
  • Be aware of delivery stopping due to apps or domains reaching their threshold. If this occurs:
    • Refer to the Troubleshooting tool located near the top of the placement page.
    • If you see “Dispersion” is rejected at 100%, you should increase your dispersion maximums to allow for more delivery.

Bulk Edit Updates

Our Bulk Editing tool lets you make multiple changes simultaneously, so you spend less time modifying your placement settings and more time building your campaign strategy. We recently made updates to the pacing/front loading and status updates. Details below:

1. Pacing and Front Loading

We recently modified this tool so you can now bulk edit the pacing and front-loading settings that are found within the Budget, Dates & Pace card within Placement setup.

View of the navigation to the Budget, Dates, and Pace Card

You will see the entire card is available, however any of the fields that cannot be bulk edited will be greyed out. This should drastically reduce time spent updating pacing strategies as well as updating front-loading percentages for multiple placements at once.

View of the Budget, Dates, and Pace Card

2. Status Updates

We have also added the ability to bulk update many placement statuses at once. This will save you plenty of time, as you will no longer need to change each individual placement status.

How to Activate

Select the checkbox next to one or more of the placements in a campaign. A drop-down list will appear at the top of the status column to change the status for all placements selected.

View of bulk Status Update, with checkboxes on the left in orange

Note: This option will not appear if placements with different statuses are selected. If one of the options is not available for a specific placement, this option will be grayed out and an error message will appear.

Placement Summary

You can now view the summary of multiple placements within a campaign. This tool makes it easy for you to shift budgets and impressions between placements.

Please note – this tool will only appear if you do not have a placement selected. If a placement is selected, the “Bulk Edit” menu will appear instead.

View of Placement Summary

To learn more about the latest DSP releases, please reach out to your Tremor Video sales representative.