Reach the Audiences That Matter Most for Your Brand.

Engaging relevant consumers with data-driven, data-proven precision is imperative.

In order for data to be actionable it needs to be relevant.

Learn how our robust set of data-driven solutions can help you tap into the audiences that matter the most for your brand’s campaign.

TV Viewership Data

Reach the most relevant consumers with our TV Intelligence solution, which leverages an expansive set of television viewing and audience data, coupled with captivating video creative to support your TV and cross-device media strategies.

88% of Americans use a second-screen digital device while watching TV.


Social Engagement Data

Learn how our new Unified Social Data solution, powered by ICX Media, can help you leverage granular social engagement data to reach audiences at scale and with greater precision across CTV and all-screen video devices.

Our Social Extension tools make it easy for you to repurpose existing social assets, engage viewers to watch a video or click through to a desired landing page, all while increasing engagement with your brand.


Audience Building Insights

Consumers may look alike. But do they act alike?

Grow your business by reaching new audiences based on an unrivaled breadth and depth of demographic, behavioral, emotional and other consumer profile data. With our access to Dstillery’s audience-building algorithms, you can discover new customers who are more likely to be receptive to your video.

Location-Based Audience Reach

Take advantage of our targeting expertise and proprietary location-based data to reach your ideal customer based on their daily offline patterns.

Location data continues to be an effective tool for marketers — almost 9 in 10 marketers said location-based advertising and marketing resulted in higher sales, followed by growth in their customer base (86%) and higher customer engagement (84%).

(MarTech Advisor)

Contextual is Key

Take advantage of publisher data across digital screens, with more privacy-conscious, granular targeting solutions.

Content-Level Targeting provides you with access to deals that include 16+ genres and 10+ ratings across CTV and all-screen video. Leveraging our end-to-end tech stack, these packages are sourced directly from our SSP Unruly’s publisher data, simplifying content-level attributes into scalable deals.