Go Beyond Linear TV to Harness the Power of Data-Driven TV

With the rise of CTV and OTT platforms, the way that consumers are engaging with TV content is constantly evolving. It's time to evolve your strategy too.

Engage the next generation of TV viewers in the Evolving Living Room.

70% of consumers multitask while watching TV and brand recall plummets by nearly 50% when a viewer uses a second screen (eMarketer). Our solution? Retarget viewers with 1:1 messaging in real-time across all screens and platforms by utilizing exclusive  TV viewership data.

Connected TV

Engage consumers on the largest screen in the house, with the power of digital.

The new centerpiece of the modern living room

The number of US CTV users is expected to eclipse 212 million and will continue to increase in 2022 (eMarketer).

CTV offers a fully viewable, non-skippable, premium video viewing environment that allows brands and marketers to reach unique audiences through the landscape of television.

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