Take CTV & all-screen video buying into your own hands.

Activate and optimize your advertising campaigns with greater efficiency and transparency through our self-service platform.  

Key Benefits of the Tremor Video Self-Service Platform

  • Offers complete control over the ad buying process
  • Prioritizes operational efficiency & cost-effectiveness
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Industry-leading data, audience targeting and ID solutions
  • Actionable reporting and insights
  • Data-driven creative optimization with a variety of features & formats
  • In-house support and superior client service

A Powerful Platform Built for Storytelling

Our campaign-centric, single-page design allows for a seamless and intuitive UI experience.

  • Utilize our all-screen video platform to enable the execution of impactful ads across multiple screens with just a single placement
  • Complement your multi-channel video strategies with our newly available features such as Programmatic Audio and Display
  • Easily view a campaign and all placements in one unified page, including visuals that capture delivery and performance
  • Manage an entire campaign within the same screen to better coordinate changes between placements
  • Apply campaign-level settings across all placements at once to improve trafficking speed and consistency
  • Access audience scale directly in the UI to better strategize and quickly find new desired segments through expanded search capabilities
  • Leverage machine-learning predictions to analyze runtime performance to deliver the best KPI outcomes for each campaign. Examples include Video Completion Rate, Click-Through Rate and Engagement Rate

Check Out Our Latest Platform Enhancements

Exclusive Partnerships to Extend Your Audience Targeting

Tremor Video has partnered with leading data providers to be the first and only platform to combine video with real-time TV viewership data and over 150 exclusive TV viewership segments as well as Dstillery’s award-winning audience building algorithms. Now get full control over your programmatic buys with:

  • Extensive scale with higher accuracy
  • Full transparency and automation

Advanced Creative

Work with our in-house creative studio, Tr.Ly to customize your video for your specific audience in real-time. This is done through a three-step process:

Creative consultation to help identify and develop the right messaging

  1. Creative setup to build out the ad variations.
  2. Execution of the creative plan to ensure smooth rollout of all assets.

Protect Your Ads with Our Three-Point Protection Plan

  1. Ensure brand safety by tapping into Oracle Contextual Intelligence pre-bid blocking capabilities.
  2. Exclude problematic inventory with site fraud blocking through verification partners DoubleVerify and IAS.
  3. Vet inventory supply chains to ensure compliance with the IAB’s ads.txt protocol and membership.

Superior Customer Service

Leverage Tremor Video’s self-service client success team to help guide you at every stage in your operational process from setup and configuration to troubleshooting and UI navigation.

Proven Results
What kind of results can you expect? Explore our case study library.