TV Intelligence Transforms Today’s Fragmented TV Landscape into Powerful Brand Connections

Data-driven, cross-platform activation designed for scale, accuracy and unparalleled audience engagement across Connected TV and all-screen video.

The Power of TV Intelligence

Available through the Tremor Video DSP and the Unruly SSP, the components of Tremor International’s end-to-end platform, the TV Intelligence solution is an expansive dataset inclusive of Set-Top Box (STB) and cross-screen panel ACR data, coupled with captivating video creative to support marketers’ TV and cross-device media strategies.  


Key Benefits

EXTENSIVE SCALE: TV viewership data captured from a nationally representative footprint of 44MM US Households

TARGETING PRECISION: Blended TV data allows for multiple targeting options: 1:1 or modelled to balance accuracy and scale

ADVANCED CUSTOMIZATION: Near limitless audience segment customization options to align with campaign goals

ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS: Suite of fully customizable measurement solutions including cross-platform reach and frequency to validate performance

END-TO-END TECHNOLOGY STACK: Our platform supports flexible activation, efficient pricing, and greater control over media quality

DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM: Proven experience curating, activating, and measuring TV audience targeted campaigns for brands

Activation Tactics

REACH NEW AUDIENCES: Target viewers of non-ad supported content

EXTEND REACH: Suppress audiences who have already been exposed to your campaign on linear TV

INCREASE FREQUENCY: Retarget viewers exposed to your brand ad on linear TV

COMPETITIVE CONQUESTING: Expand your audience by targeting viewers exposed to competitors’ TV ads

TENTPOLE EVENT ALIGNMENT: Reach viewers of tentpole events to drive brand association

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You can now discover, search and select TV-centric inventory for turnkey campaign activation and customization across Connected TV (CTV) and all-screen video.

Customized Measurement Solutions

Insights Designed To Optimize Your TV Initiatives

Campaign Performance

TV Reach & Frequency Analysis

Cross-Device Attribution

Incremental Reach (CTV vs. Linear)

Website Engagement

Foot Traffic Attribution (TV + Digital)

TV Tune-In Attribution

Next Day Premiere Insights

Proven Results

What kind of results can you expect? Have a look our continually updated case study library to discover how brand advertisers across a variety of verticals have harnessed the power of TV Intelligence and other Tremor Video solutions to drive their priority KPIs.