Let the Games Begin!

Engage with sports enthusiasts across CTV and video devices during sporting events!

Benefits of Tremor Video Sports Packages:

1:1 retargeting of past and current live sports viewers to maximize reach

Flexibility to reach viewers of several sports or viewers of a single sport

Interactive, Data-Driven Creative designed to engage viewers 

Scalable packages to align with various campaign budgets

Conquesting of competitor sponsorships of sporting events in a cost-effective way

Customizable measurement solutions to validate performance

Turn-Key Solutions To Reach Sports Fans:

TV INTELLIGENCE: Access over 44M U.S. households across CTV and all screens to reach sports enthusiasts with our TV Intelligence solution

UNIFIED SOCIAL DATA: Leverage unified social data to reach consumers who are enthusiastic about the upcoming Olympics based on their engagements on major social platforms

CUSTOM CREATIVE: Utilize our Tr.ly Creative Studio for premium digital creative such as QR codes, branded frames or overlays, and shoppable video to captivate your audience and tell compelling, relevant brand stories

CTV For The Win!

58% of baseball, soccer and boxing fans reported spending 5-9 hours/week watching content on their smart TVs*

33% of basketball fans reported spending over 9 hours/week watching shows on their smart TVs*

For basketball, both smart TV usage (26%) and streaming media player usage (25%) outperforms broadcast TV consumption (23%) in the 5-8 hour segment*

*Unruly Sports Survey, 2021

Engage With Viewers Of:

Major League Baseball (MLB)

National Basketball Association (NBA)

National Football League (NFL)

National Hockey League (NHL)

NCAA Basketball

NCAA Football




And more!