Leverage the power of consumer emotion & intent data to bolster campaign impact across screens.    

Reach and engage audiences with a greater breadth and depth of data-driven insights.

UnrulyEQ is a creative testing solution that measures consumers’ emotional and intent-based responses to a brand’s video. Audience insights gleaned from EQ testing can then be used to optimize target audiences and video ads as well as media mix to maximize campaign performance against desired KPIs.

“Finding unique ways to engage with our audiences is of paramount importance to our team. These solutions allow us to better understand the emotion-based profiles of our customers and leverage these insights to reach them in more relevant ways, while driving stronger results for our campaigns.”

Dani Hussey, Sr.
Manager Brand Marketing, Dropbox


EQ Max delivers powerful insights that allow advertisers to understand the performance of their content to optimize their video campaigns.

Using a combination of facial coding and survey-based techniques, EQ Max can help you understand:

  • The type and intensity of emotions elicited by an ad to predict overall impact on intended target audience.
  • How to optimize content for emotional impact to ensure it aligns with planned campaign goals.
  • Metrics that matter like authenticity, brand statements and engagement to ensure the best possible brand impact.

EQ Custom Audiences

EQ Custom Audiences identifies the customer segments who elicit the highest emotional response to a brand’s ad creative, which can be used to inform a bespoke audience targeting strategy to maximize engagement.

Targetable audiences may include:

Emotional Audiences

Benefit from performance lifts in completion rate, brand favorability, brand recall, and purchase intent by targeting an emotional audience.

Affinity Audiences

Reach a customizable affinity audience you care about to identify the people who share in your campaign’s values, message, or passions.

Intender Audiences

Identify an intender audience that will increase sales activity based on their intent to purchase a product or service and target others like them.

EQ Creative Optimizer

EQ Creative Optimizer combines the deep insights of EQ’s content testing with creative optimizations aligned to media goals, audiences, screen, placement types and more. Leverage our best-in-class video editing, interactive and dynamic features and ensure your media plans are fully aligned with all your creative assets. What’s even better — our creative studio, TR.LY, is here to help every step of the way!

Available creative optimizations include:

  • Length
  • Messaging
  • Features
  • Audience

Coming this May, our exclusive data-driven offering, TV Intelligence, empowers advertisers to reach and engage consumers at scale via CTV and across devices.

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